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The sound of a ship is heard, and something lands outside. The engines cut with a light hiss, and footsteps are heard. The door opens, and an individual walks into the room, opening the door and closing it rather quietly. His side-arm, a pistol with enough strength to pierce CMC armor, was holstered at his side, loaded and with the safety on.
He glances around the room, and notes everyone in the room, looking at them like an enemy would size up another. His eyes stop at the menu, and he steps forward, not making a sound as he advances toward it. He puts a hand up to his chin, almost as if he was thinking.
An arrow flies throw the window at the speed of a bullet and lands in the wall. There is an envelope attached to the shaft.

Dear Zarkun,

The ship has finished it's stuff, and I even gave the ship a maintenence checkup, everything was fine so there wasn't much of a point for it... But anyways, I launched some targets at it, and well... You'll have some fun.

Come by and have some fun.

-Your friend, 'K'

P.S. - There's a check in the envelope that should cover the damage costs. (Yes, I would spend 5k just for a cool message, don't judge me...)
I chuckle and put the check in the register and head out to the shuttle out back. "No one burn anything down, or you will pay."
"uuh Zark my Zergling pie is mutating into a baneling what do i do?"
01/16/2013 12:10 PMPosted by darkra
"uuh Zark my Zergling pie is mutating into a baneling what do i do?"
*Smiles evilly*
Yo better pop its bubble!
"throw it at your face? ok!" i toss the baneling pie at crymson.
*Flipping a table up, the pie exploded against the table, thus protecting me from further harm*
Hmm... Not a good move you chose there.

*hurls a Chicago style Mind Melter pizza at CR*
*I take my gloves off*
*Throws a New York style Zergling Pie like a frisbee, going fast. While a Stromboli style Mind Melter was like a bomb*

*flings Flamethrower at darkra and CR, then spray alcohol at them out of a hose*

*I dodge them, just barely missing the Fireball of destruction... But I had a surprise!*
*Vodkalings fell through the PlotHole that just opened up, exploding into glorious Vodka!*

Oh yeah? Send in the Beerlings! And call the Custom Races!!
I storm in from my Deli with baneling balloons. "Food fight!?" I then examine the banelings. "Well... I guess you could eat it..." I then begin hurling banelings at people.
You made a new alcoholic ling? ... /MotherOfGod

*Various ships approached from orbit...*
Beerlings were the inspiration for Vodkalings, actually. SF and I objected to the lack of Vodkalings and created them.
Landing and walking in, I observe the chaos. "Stop." It all freezes. "Now then, who do I need to take apart molecule by molecule first."
You're all idiots.
*Infested Ghost operatives decloak behind all of those throwing pizzas, guns to the back of their heads.*
While I was gone... The dominion sent these unlucky ones to try and take me out... when no one would know it... These are the ones you see here...
*I walk over to one of them, stroking a boney finger against her cheek, hissing in delight* They all want to die... You may attempt to kill them... but they have no control over themselves anymore... not like they ever did...
*I sigh, looking sorrowful for a mere second before turning back to them with a crazed smile.*
But We would all like to kindly ask you to stop the fighting~
01/16/2013 02:14 PMPosted by Zarkun
Landing and walking in, I observe the chaos. "Stop." It all freezes. "Now then, who do I need to take apart molecule by molecule first."
Darkra started it... And Knarled began the Food War.
"I.. technecally was trying to kill those who started the war, and I wasn't participating in the food war, so..." I bolt back to my Deli and bar the door.
well first my zergling pie turned into a baneling and then CR told me to pop it in my face so i threw it at him then KO declared an all out war after what was done was done then i proceeded to watch the carnage as vodkaling rained down and etc

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