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Two cannons lower from the ceiling and fire on both CR and Darkra, immobilizing them. "You even been eaten by Mutas? It seems quite unpleasant."
Wow... You are punishing me for defending myself? And Knarled started throwing stuff after Darkra?

*Sighs as I know I'm always the victim and suspect*
"I don't know where KO is, and I'm punishing all those who participated."I spot KO and a beam immobilizes him as well. "No one is getting off Scott free, though CR's punishment will be to eat three pizzas of my choosing. And then feeding the Mutas."
Er... Is it just me or do I have the short end of the stick? And Markus participated as well.
"Mark's in his Deli. Of course, I'll get him when he comes in for his Pizza hit. They always come for a pizza hit. And really, if you can't stomach your standard meat lovers, pepperoni and Hawaiian, you have a weak stomach."
No, not that part... I meant the Muta part.
"Oh, you get to feed Darkra and KO to them. Then you watch and make sure they don't try and escape."
Very interestin'. But you do realize that the Roach is a sneaky one?
"He can't be sneaky against my security."
True, but he could create a diversion with the Beerlings and the Vodkalings.
"Mutas don't like alcohol. Trust me."
"oh before you feed me to the mutas can i have my binder back? I still need to study"
I place Darkra's binder in his hand and set the pizza's in front of CR. "You can study from the belly of a Mutalisk. Not sure how the lighting is though, so take a flashlight."
IC: "yaya muta, belly, pain. so Zark do you know why North america experiences more lunar eclipses again its kinda fuzzy in my head"
I just sort of walk out, the Infested ghosts cloaking and disappearing as well. Laura just sits there eating her food, before looking around, covering something up with her cloak, obviously looking nervous.
I glance at Laura and shake my head. "No illegal transactions."
"Just want to say that my activity will be better. Using my school computer now because my home one got taken from me..."

I proceed to play a Tower Defense game.
I walk in and sit at a table. "Hi Zarkun the Eclipse is finished and ready for pickup. Can I get a pepperoni pizza with mozzarella cheese, an order of mozzarella cheese sticks and an order of flamethrower wings please?"
I nod and set to work. "Good to hear Koro. Always a way around a punishment, right?"

OOC: Ironic thing about running a Pizzeria? I'm going to be eating Pizza Hut tonight.
The man who walked in earlier rings the bell on the counter. He had a list of things needed to be made, and he had a few more errands to run before he could relax.

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