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Joeyray's Bar
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The doors remain unharmed and I flawlessly disarm both captives with phase technology. "You can have these back when you're done being digested."
*figures deflate*


Meanwhile, the Pizza monster has eaten the other pizzas and grown to a massive size. Its mood becomes less "huggy" and more "rampagey."
I ate the pizza monster already.
"Well... I shall resume my game..." I go back to defending the Zotus Platform in the Judicus sector in my game.
It ate the pizza in your stomach and used the added strength to rip you open and escape.


*is running down a corridor*

*is also running down the same corridor*
Muta's swoop in from every side and eat both KO and his brother. Minutes later they exit the bodies in the form of Excretion as I toss the the pizza monster in the incinerator. "See, that was quick and relatively painless."
"lawl" I say, noticing the events. "Can I have a pizza, same way I had it last time?"
I nod and make that as the last of the orders on the list are finished. I hand directions to an assistant and he takes the orders. I then place Koro's pizza in the oven. "Shouldn't take long."
But, as they eat us...



Instead of laughing, let's run.

A viable plan.
"Thread DM powers were activated, therefore your dummies were you, who were dummies for that experiment."
"Anyone know about the Cuil theory? I feel like I'm the only one."
Aha, but I faked you out. Those dummies were really us. So when you activated DM powers to switch them, you switched us out! HAHA!

This is getting ridiculous.

*holds up "Escape Button" and presses it*

Koro, I give you a hamburger.
I finish the pizza and set it on Koro's table, laughing. "That's what he thinks."
"Thank you very much." I chow down, in a much more civilized manner compared to last time...
"Not a problem."
I pull out a data-pad and start typing very quickly.
I head downstairs and something that sounds like a slip space tunnel can be heard then I come back up, carrying the metal that Koro had asked for and covered in green blood. "I think you asked for this?"

Creepy.......... BUT SOO CUTE. Also I would like a slice of cheese pizza.


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