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I cut off a slice from a pizza I'd made earlier and hand it to Mecha. "There you go."
Thank you Zarkun.
"Not a problem." I vanish down the stairs again and a scream of pain is heard. Following the scream is the sound of several gunshots and suddenly the air vents close off as I slowly back up the stairs, a Colonial Militia pulse rifle in my hands. A voice comes on the intercom as I seal the door leading down stairs. [Code Red, alien outbreak in the lower levels. All human personnel evacuate to the Pizzeria. I repeat, all human personnel evacuate.] I wipe my brow and curse. "Alright, no one was down there right?"
I stop typing. "YES! Thank you. But seriously, I can't touch that. I need someone to take it for me."

*Gunshots and intercom*

"Technically.... No. And, does this include me? I'm not apparently human at times so..."
"I meant to get that fixed. Really, anything organic should be concerned. Face huggers don't need a human to lay their egg." Growling can be heard on the other side of the door and I face it, loading a fresh clip into the pulse rifle. "Dear lord, what was I thinking with those things."
A wormhole dumps me on top of a table right before the gunshots and intercom. "Nice AVP Alien outbreak? and no I was not downstairs I was in orbit doing a final Inspection of ... nevermind it is not important." I grab my own Colonial pulse rifle.
"Unfortunately, I thought I could contain them. Shows that I was wrong."
You see me starting to hug all the Xenomorphs. For some reason they don't try to attack me.
SF, you can't warp, teleport, or shadow move into the lower levels.
I blast a ton of xenos from one blast from my fusion cannon.
"Well, time to have some fun." I unfold a Shade Gheist Soul Ripper Battle-Rifle and prime it to fire, then load a soul canister inside of it.

And then take out my iconic Shade Gheist+Skull butterfly-knife and hold it in my hand.
"Fine." A xenomorph drops on top of Zarkun from no where and I start hugging it.
"Heh want some help?" I ask as I get off the table and slap a fresh clip into the rifle. Stalker armor builds itself around me with an X-360 on my back. "Never try to keep these beasts in any way other than dead." I blast SF and the Xeno with the rifle.
Mecha's blast bounces off the sealed door. "No one goes down there. Not yet. My bots will clean up any face huggers and then we'll sweep up the xenoes. Trust me, we'll stand a better chance if we don't have to worry about one of us becoming a host." I nod to Morph. "Help if you want, just don't try anything. If I can synthesize them, I'm opening an RP on this premise, with the xenoes of the Aliens universe as the enemy. Way scarier than the Zerg."
"Imagine if they were as diverse as the Zerg..." I say, pointing the rifle at the entrance to catch any trying to escape.
"In the new Colonial Marines game, they are." The's a loud thud as a Bruiser tries to break down the door. "Ah hell...."
"Don't worry I don't plan on adding these bastards to my collection of warbeasts. They can all eat plasma and hyperlight speed objects."
Another thud and a dent appears in the door. I lower the blast door as reinforcement. "I wouldn't recommend it anyways. The lower levels are swarming with them."
I wait for it to come through...
Another thud and then suddenly even the growling and screeching stops. "Oh hell, that can't be a good sign...Watch the vents."

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