Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade

Joeyray's Bar
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Kay-Oh! Incorporated will be happy to provide the necessary capital for such an enterprise.
"I am smylez's Personal World Destroyer. Please do not whack me unless you want to see all of your assets liquidated."
Let me guess: by liquid you mean vapor.

And Zarkun, I actually wanted that delivered. To the chatroom. Musta missed that.
"I didn't know you wanted the whole order delivered. I'll fix that." The order vanishes. "Should appear in the chat soon."
Excellent quality, good sir.
I nod, setting to work making a sampler pizza. "Thanks. I pride myself on a good pizza."
I walk in, "Hey there. I heard this place opened then got some things done and came here. I want a pepperoni, bacon and sausage pizza, very very light mozzarella cheese please. Like... Minuscule amounts... Also, what kind of games you got here, friend?"
I start work on Koro's order and look at him. "You think of it, we got. it. Just got PacMan right before shutting down for renovations."
"Time to go play some jet fighter games!" I say walking to one. He seat and game itself is like the cockpit with realistic gameplay and controls. I sit and play while I wait for my pizza.
Putting Koro's pizza in the oven, I check on the sampler, noting it was finished and slicing it up and setting it in the sampler area. "Should be out in the next 5 minutes buddy."
"Okay." I say unconciously because my mind is set on the game. Trying not to die even though my right engine is blown and my .50 cal is almost out of rounds and I only have "TWO MISSILES LEFT!? Well, this just turned into a suicide missio- BANZI!!!!"

I can be seen laying on the ground, face in the floor and the words "GAME OVER!" can be heard, followed by a curse from my muffled voice.
I chuckle, pulling out the pizza and bringing it over to Koro. "Trick to that mission is only engage your targets. Saves ammo."
"Yeah." I grunt as I get up. "But I came to have fun." I say with a smirk and take a bite out of the magnificently, fresh and fluffy crusted delicious meat covered pizza.

I swallow and inhale deeply. "I hope you have a good janitor Zarkun... I might make a mess..." I take the pizza and start chowing down as I walk to a table.
Damn.... Since I am a robot in a sense, I can't eat people food!

A trained Zergling runs up, cleaning up the mess as it's made. I turn to CR, handing him a remote. "Hit the 'human' button, and you'll be human once more."
.... I just remember that I "borrowed" some nanites that can use a nano-weave like thingie ma jig and make me look like a human. It may or may not work... But after everything has happened, I wont be pressin' no buttons handed to me by someone. Every body is different. Wonder if those nanites will work...
I shrug, putting the remote back. "It's always there if you want it. Trust me when I say I have no ulterior motive behind helping you."
The Zergling sits by my chair, waiting for me to drop some. I tap it with my foot when a bacon strip drops. "MY BACON! YOU CAN HAVE THE SCRAPS WHEN I FINISH!" I pick up the strip and eat it, then resume eating my pizza.
I chuckle. "It's just cleaning up your mess. Nikola would be irked to see this, but he's payed so PETAZ can fall in a hole and die."
"I know, and I appreciate it," I pet the little Zergling. "But I love my proteins and meat... And... Soft... Fluffy crust... I'll get back to you." I resume eating, almost halfway done.

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