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I fade and take a new position. "Is there any way that they sense mental signatures?"
"I am so glad this is made of Steel silk and Erini steel ..." I watch the vents ready to shoot any Xeno that shows its ugly face.
"Shadowsteel fibre is where it's at!" I say cockily.
"I don't know, but they're apex predators, so I'd be ready for anything. God, that RP is going to be terrifying." I then shake my head. "Acidic blood ring any bells?"
"Steel silk doesn't dissolve in acid and it takes a lot of punishment before cutting, fraying, ripping, getting a hole in it etc. Though Erini steel is still a bit ... mysterious ... and I'm the one who made it up."
"You're a fool to think this is standard acid in their veins. It melted through Grak'oul armor, which is probably more advanced than anything we've come up with alone." There's a skittering sound in the vents and I curse. "Great, the face huggers are in the vents. Now we really need to pay attention."
"Why the hell would you keep these things here!? Coulda set em to me and I woulda' locked em up good..."
"We have a biology lab, supposed to have had it covered. Thinking it was safe, I hired organic staff, who were free thinkers and capable of making split of the second decisions, and had them study them. Some one either let them out...or..." I pause and curse. "Ah hell, some one didn't follow procedures. A tank got left open."
"Its like BP all over again. Except that this will probably be worse if it spreads..."
A number of illusory me's that fool even the most sophisticated sensors we have. "Would love to see them try to find the real me in the first place." Every single me says at the same time.
I nod. "You have any idea the risks I took? Next time, it's a space station, in the Void. I'll get SB's help with that." More skittering is heard and then a rumbling sound some ways beneath us. "!@#$...the Queen is loose..."
"WHAT THE HELL MAN!? A QUEEN!? COME ON! I was going to say I'd help you but.. No... Not anymore."
I nod. "You have any idea the risks I took? Next time, it's a space station, in the Void. I'll get SB's help with that." More skittering is heard and then a rumbling sound. "!@#$...the Queen is loose..."
O_o who ripped out the egg sac? They are immobile until it's destroyed or removed somehow.... Dear lord.... Have you been experimenting on them?!
"How the hell was I suppose to replace the specimens? Cut me some slack here, I didn't think this could happen!" The pounding picks up for a moment then dies away and our COMs come alive.

{Sir, they're everywhere down here. We can't leave the fortified position. We sent a scuba team to the underwater facility earlier, they reported swimmers.} I curse and look at the others.

{Hold position. We'll figure this out.} I look at Koro. "Ideas?"
I smile behind my helmet. "Fun." I say sarcastic to the extreme.
I scratch my chin. "You have any orbital defenses? If so. Turn them off. Now."
Er.... Make the entire facility go thermonuclear... The Xeno's wont be able to take it and they'll boil alive in the water as well.
I sigh and punch the wall. "All right, all right, so maybe I should have told you. The guys in the research center said that our security could handle it, but we brought over some Colonial Marines just in case, veterans fighting the things. That's who's on the COMs." I nod and soon the Merciful vanishes. "And I can't destroy the facility or interdimensional energies will rip us apart."
"Well, that Eternium is a component of a power source I use to power this new exo-suit I developed. And it needs to be dropped from space or sky.

Dude, what the hell kind of Pizzeria is this? I shouldn't ask... I have a lot of odd things in that other 5% of my space station..."
"It's a normal Pizzeria with my extra workings beneath. Of course, the underwater facility is linked to the main one...god, what the hell was I thinking..."

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