Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade

Joeyray's Bar
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Laura has just been sitting inside the corner of the Pizzeria, cloaked, and eating her pizza, a little out of it and unsure of what had just transpired around her.
I advance staying vigilant. "Call me crazy but I get the feel that it is quiet, too quiet."
I come back. "I don't like ambushes." I hold a Xeno tail in the air.
I sigh and beckon us on and turn to Drone Alpha 12. "Keep up your jobs." He nods and he and his squad vanish. I turn to the others. "It is. They'll be waiting, somewhere. Let's move quickly."
"Lead the way. Or should I?"
I take point, sweeping the corridor as I flip on my flashlight. "I will. I don't know where they'll come from, but it's best I get us where we need to be."
The swarm would like to order one SuperNova wing's with various chopped up terran part's.....The swarm would prefer this in army sized combo
The swarm think's you are a bad pizzaeria owner, The Swarm shall report you to the I.D.P.D.O.S (the Inter-Dimensional Pizza Department Of Service) YOU SHALL BOW BEFORE THE SWARM NRGNRNGRNGNR!
A drone approaches and escorts him out the door, a gun slung on it's back. "Sorry, sir, but we're closed until further notice."
Laura stared at the Drone with a confused look on her face.
Another Drone notices Laura and brings her more drink and another pizza. "Zarkun trusts you not to get too nosy for your own good."
She looks at the drone with a grin.
He returns to his post, helping set up and MG to make sure that if the door came down, nothing could get out.
I follow behind. The suit is heavy, but it is light on its feet, and about as quiet as I am without the suit.

"So, what exactly are we going to do?"
"Find out the extent of the infestation. If it hasn't spread to the weapons depot, which I doubt it could, then we'll head there and get some nice little toys before cleaning house."
"Okay, lets do it." I say while the claws glow a dark red light.
A wormhole opens, and I stumble through it. I turn around, and say "Damn it, Aurora." A machine walks through, similar to a certain digital Captain brought into the real world. It beeps/growls at me, and I frown. "So you weren't the one that modified it?" It repeats the sound, slightly changed in pitch. I shrug, and turn to zarkun. "Where do you want me? I can get some Outcast or UED troops to re-enforce."
"Just follow me for now. We need to take stock of the situation first." I hold up a hand to signal a stop as I hear a growl from some ways ahead. Pulling out a motion tracker, I signal to move forward. "Least we'll have a bit of warning."
Laura stretches backwards, her back cracking as she finishes her pizza, walking around and sitting somewhere else, trying to find the best seat in the house to call her own.
The Drones finish with the MG nest and start on a mine field. I watch the tracker. "Man they're real quiet all of a sudden. Anyone else uneasy?"

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