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A beep/growl is heard, and I say "Well, no !@#$ you can't feel emotions. You aren't exactly organic." Another one is heard, and I shake my head. "I'm not overly bothered by them being silent. Sure beats them screeching every second." I tap something on my wrist computer, and I gain about 2 feet in height as I am put into a Power Armor with one hand wielding a Chain-gun and the other wielding a high-power automatic shotgun, both under the fore-arms. An overhead lamp turns on, and I sigh. "Ah, I love this thing. Still not done with it either, this is just a prototype."
"Not bad. Not your best work, but not too shabby either." Suddenly a red dot appears off to our left and I pivot, firing but not hitting anything. Screeches are heard in the distance. "F*ckers."
"Yeah, its too bulky for my tastes, but it can take more than a Siege Tank, so I have no complaints." I pivot around to where zarkun fired, shining my light. At eight different spots, part of the armor deployed out, and micro-grenades flew out, blowing up as soon as they hit the ground.
A splash of green acid blood hit the walls and then the screeches grew more intense as a rumbling is heard. "Oh !@#$!" I start sprinting. "Run, and only run! We can't kill a Crusher right now!"
I back-pedal, spraying down-range with rounds and more Micro-Grenades. "Tell me when we get to a door, otherwise, I might just break the walls down." I say.
I double check the waypoint and point to a hall on our left. "That way!"
"What way?!" I say, caught off-guard, my back still to him. I could hear something approaching, but it was still some distance off. I stop the fire of Micro-Grenades, and my Shotgun disassembles, then re-assembles into a Rail-gun.
Te he he he he....

*LICENTIA begins the hacking phase of the main security cameras... While myself brought out a couple of news cameras that I "borrowed" after the raid against Fantasy News Network so it would be mine... We would have our first news story of the decade!*

Camera 5.... Activate.
An AI boots LICENTIA out of the system and a Drone approaches. "Please refrain from hacking our systems. That was your warning." I stop and lead Jester to the left, firing on some of the Warriors that had come into view.

"This way, lets go!"
You can't let the truth be kept up! It must be freed for everyone! The truth shall come out!

*LICENTIA walks out... Readying up Plan B.*
"We are not hiding the truth, we are making sure no one makes any unnecessary messes in their undergarments."
"Thanks." I fire on more Warriors, and say "When did you happen to get a large amount of these things shipped here?"
Er... I have an idea... Why don't you open that door of yours that leads to the facility and we'll regroup with zarkun and the laughable Jester? We could help....
"It wasn't large. One Queen and a few eggs. Guess someone let her make her ovipositor."
"Dare I ask why you brought these things here and why you didn't put them under lock, key, and Flamethower?" I ask, turning slightly to the side as I fire on another Warrior.
"I didn't think this would happen. Guess I forgot about Organic stupidity."
I fire Binary pulses, wiping out lines of them at a time. And firing volleys of red plasma shells.

I AM! A WALKING DEATH MACHINE!!!" I start to swipe at them with the claws. Them, being everything.
A beep/growl is heard, and an Rocket flies out, smashing into a group of Warriors and burning them to a crisp before disintegrating them.
"'Of course. The flesh is weak, and is constantly at war with itself. Only the machine knows purity from such desires, and while you all die, we remain alive, prevailing when you would otherwise fail.' Aurora says. Personally, I agree and disagree with that statement, but I'm in no mood to argue." I say, changing the Chain-gun and Rail-gun to dual Energized Claws with a undermounted flamethrower on each hand.
A Umojan PMC group named Aquila, had entered the Pizzeria... Gaining access past the door and into the facility, with me and LICENTIA following them. They had motion scanners and on of the troops had a neosteel mask on that resembled a mask from T.W.O. Along with him was a sniper with a sniper rifle that fired out foot long Gauss Spikes fired at max velocity.
Laura appears from the shadows, above the group, her knife glinting in the light cast in through the door. It was metal one second, then before it struck the group, hardened, sharpened bone, humming at a low frequency, sliced through armor, skin, and bone without any hesitation. Her mask's optics glowed a sickly, fiery green, her blade dancing through the group, until all that was left was LICENTIA and CR, with her sheathing her blade, looking back with an emotionless stare, almost seemingly bored at the turn of events, before returning to her seat.

A few minutes later her eyes regain focus, and she regards the mass of body parts on the floor with a sigh.
"ZAAAAARK! Someone left a mess!"

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