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Joeyray's Bar
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... Noticing that all of my troops had been murdered.... picking up both the motion sensor as well as the rifle... Being part Adjutant had its perks now. Wearing the neosteel mask... We pushed on.
Laura watched CR, and frowned.
"Where're you going?"
Looking up... Seeing a lass of a rebel.
"Nowhere special... Going deeper into this here complex... How did you get down here?"

LICENTIA began an immediate scan on Laura... The scans showed nothing.
I rip apart Warriors, and if it weren't for a pillar. I would have taken off someone's head. I am not paying attention to who's. I'm just killing in my exo-suit. A shoulder-mounted Photon-Discharge rifle pops up and I start blasting Xeno's.
Laura shrugged, looking around.
"I dunno. I'm just here for the pizza and drinks. I believe Zark and the others are somewhere where you're going... not too sure though."
"So... You are eating pizza and drinking while in here following me? Seems legit."
She shrugs again.
"I haven't seen anyone for a few hours, things are starting to get a little boring..."
"Then why don't you take your pizza and drink with you and go hunting with us? There should be plenty of... "fun"." As we took our next few steps down the hallway.
She shrugs. "Hunting isn't really my thing... I'm a pacifist, after all..."
The Xenos vanish again and I beckon, the rumbling drawing closer. "Let's go, let's go! That Crusher would eat us all for breakfast."
"I'LL EAT IT FOR BREAKFAST!" I cloak and charge of into the distance in an unknown direction.
A lockdown shield deflects Koro back to the group. "You aren't authorized to do more than follow me. Wish that worked on the Xenos."
I lash out and start trying to destroy it. Then turn around, still spraying with all my weapons.

I roll under the fire, shifting armor and weapons and slice Koro out of the suit of armor, slamming him into the wall. "THE F*CKING XENOS ARE BAD ENOUGH!" I take a moment to calm down and the glowing red eyes of my mask dim a little. "We don't need to be turning on each other."
The suit's damage regenerates.

"I need... To find... Another... Stimulant... Or more... Eternium."
"Or maybe allow some of your conscious to have some say. For Christ's sake man, you tried to kill us."
"Yeah, I put some pretty nasty power sources in that suit for optimum efficiency. It wasn't meant for teamwork... I tried using the Eternium as a stimulant, but... I think I'll need a minimum of 100grams of the stuff. I have almost no control when I'm in that thing, if anyone else gets in that. They'll either die, become possessed (Don't ask) or become insane."
A crane picks up the suit and it vanishes into the dark. "We can work on it together later. Right now," I sheath the katana I'd drawn and pull out a pistol, "we need to move." The rumbling would soon be virtually on top of us. "Let's move." I start sprinting again."
I unfold a large rifle and hold out my scimitar "Shadow-Fang" and charge both with Dark Energy and follow right behind him.
After a bit of sprinting, they catch up to me, who was in the middle of ripping a Warrior's head off. I turn to them, and raise the head. "I got dibs." I say, and join them in sprinting as fast as possible.

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