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I chuckle and make myself an Earth Meat Lover's pizza, eating it slice by slice. "Surprised no one's ordered a Zergling pie yet. Can't say I blame them though, thing likes to try and eat the customers."
"They're blood isn't as good from the Brood Wars anymore. It's just... Bitter now." I say, eating the last slice, then let the Zergling do what it does.
I shrug. "Not going to say I've eaten all my own pizzas. Certainly haven't touched the Mind Melter. The Zergling Pie is actually any Zergling from any era." I look around then lean in close. "Just don't ask how I acquired them."
I scratch my head and squint. "When I'm hungry, I'll take a Zerglin' Pie from the Brood War era."
I nod, and a Zealot steps down into the basement. "I'll keep him on stand by. Anything else? Some wings, or maybe a drink?"
I think, "You have any Rock Dew? Love that soda."
I step behind the counter, rummaging through the drinks for a bit then standing up, holding a two liter bottle. "How's this?"
"Oooohhhhooo HELL YEAH!" I respectfully grab it, pop it open then start drinking. "Good times."
I chuckle and keep eating my pizza. "Seems a bit slow today. Ah well, that'll change at some point today. Glad to be of service."
"Thank you. I think I'll come here more regularly."
I nod, eating another slice of pizza and sipping some Mountain Dew Code Red. "Glad to hear it."
I glance over and see the Code Red. "That' some good stuff, my favorite soda in the Universe. (I mean it, I have a 24 pack in my garage XD) I just got this stuff to help digest the pizza."
I nod. "Good choice. However, I got all day to eat and digest, so I'll take my time."
*Gently slips in through a portal in the wall, and looks left and right*

"Well, I've made my disappearance for a bit. And I'm starving." I look at the menu, a small frown coming to my face.

"Could I get a medium regular cheese? Topped with anything that won't cause me to spontaneously combust?"
"Well, that depends. How well do you take Ghost Peppers?"
"Depends. Never really liked peppers. What the hell, throw 'em on."

I smirk.

"Wonder how well Solaris'll take them. Do they cause brains to explode?"
"Let's say they're hot enough to but me in bed for three weeks. In pain the whole time." Making the pizza with my signature speed and precision, I put it in the oven. "What would you like to drink with that? And would you like some wings?"
"Nah, 'tis good enough as is. ...Though, mind giving me a Prismatic Void to go? Some Supernova Wings would be great too."

I sigh, and sit down at a nearby bench.

"Damn head's sore with all these crazy codes whizzing through my head. Being a hacker isn't all fun and games, y'know."
I sigh, setting to work on the wings, using gloves of an unknown material to handle the sauce ingredients. "Should probably add I haven't received clearance to sell the Bar's drinks here yet. Anything else you might like?"
I rub at my temples, my eyes going shut.

"Anything to take away this blasted pain would be well appreciated. Plus points if its nice and sweet."

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