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Joeyray's Bar
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I walk in and review the menu. "Hi Zarkun. Hmm can I get some flamethrower wings and a custom pizza with Monterrey and Cheddar cheese, otherwise surprise me."
I finish morrjo's wings and set them carefully in a special container, carefully handing them to him, along with a Raspberry Arizona tea. "Don't mix those with any thing potentially volatile." I then start working on Morphs food, checking morrjo's pizza and setting it at his table as well. "I'll refrain from adding Zergling."
I smile at my order, and set a small black crystal on the table. It had significantly more space within its volume than it betrayed, and had small, silver and glowing coins inside. "Four-nines purity platinum coins, courtesy of the year fourty-fourty. It should pay for any further expenses."

Rising to my feet and taking a quick swig from my new drink, I grab the pizza with a twist, and handle the container of wings with the caution and air of a bomb technician. With a flourish of my hand, I rip a tear in space and expose an alien sky. Stepping through, some voices could be heard, as well as a brief exchange.

"Hey boss, brought food?"

"Yeah, something new to try. Here, bite this will ya?"


"Heh, what'd you bring for Solaris to try this ti-"

"Noct, Duck. NOW."

"Why, bo-"

A loud explosion, and several human body parts and a splash of golden blood flicked through the portal. It begins to close, and the assorted attachments begin to fade away.

"Ah. Bar food. Great way to deal with Solaris though. Lets eat!"
I shake my head and laugh. "Of course, mess with the poor guy."
"Question, is there custom-made wings? I have a sauce I want to try that I made a bit ago.
Oh, and a Zergling Pie, Brood-War era please, with water." I take a seat nearby.
I shake my head. "Let me see the sauce and I'll see what I can manage. As for the pie, coming right up." Handing Jester his water, I set to work on the pie, careful to make sure I was wearing armor.
I walk into where the food was being cooked, and set a bottle down nearby. I lean on the wall and wait for him to get done so he can have a look at the bottle.
Finishing the pizza after fighting with the Zergling for a bit, I put it in a special oven. From there, I look the bottle over. "Interesting, I'll say that. It have a name?"
The bottle had no real color, the liquid inside was a blue liquid that was constantly boiling and raging like a miniature storm inside.
"I call it the Storm." I say, then go back to my seat. A side-effects list appears on it, with the most occuring ones being:

1. Massive rage and desire to destroy
2. Desire to self-mutilate
3. Desire to yell at everything
4 Rare cases: Body implodes
I look it over, thinking carefully. "The SuperNova is one thing...but this...there are already issues that could arise with the cooking process."
"Ever find what you were looking for in my store Zarkun?"
"The sauce only starts to do that when mixed with the various chemicals in the stomach's body." I say, taking a drink of water.
I nod. "You'll note the new turbo lasers and shield generators. That oughta deal with the odd troll." Then face Jester, bringing him and Morph their orders. "There are other things that could go wrong with the sauce during the cooking process."
"Just cook it in an no-psi zone, and a room with pure oxygen, and it shouldn't explode into a Seige-Tank round. Just filter the Nitrogen, cause if that !@#$ touches the sauce, it'll cause a Thermonuclear explosion." I say, attacking my Zergling Pie with the Bayonet on a Gauss Rifle.
The pie fights back, snapping the bayonet. "Watch yourself, you usually have to get it from behind." Looking the sauce over again, I sigh. "There are still other problems that could arise simply because of it's volatile nature. I'll see what I can do, but no promises for the near future."
I pull out a Psi-blade and begin to attack the Pie.
I laugh at the scene and head into the backroom, setting to work on making this sauce work. "Gaia be with me."
"Thanks Zarkun." I say taking a slice of my pizza and taking a bite. "What all did you put on this?"
"I'll take a Flamethrower wings pizza with Canadian bacon and mozzarella, please." I say, going up to where you order the pizzas.
I poke my head out of the back room. "If the ghost peppers don't kill you, than the hydralisk meat will." I beckon to a Zealot cleaning the floors and he starts on the pizza, having it put together and in the oven quickly. Then he starts on the wings. I poke my head out again. "Anything to drink with that?"

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