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Joeyray's Bar
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"A coke-cola will be fine. And, in case you didn't understand, I want the wings to be a part of the pizza."
I poke my head out. "Can't, safety hazard. What you do after it's served is up to you, but by Bar safety standards, I can't do that." I return to work and the Zealot serves Dac his order.

"Anything else?"
"No thanks." I say, putting the wings on the pizza and taking a bite. I immediately grab the soda, but the liquid evaporates before it reaches my mouth. I take a fire extinguisher, and finally manage to relieve myself.

"WOAH....THAT'S SOME PIZZA!" I say, before taking another huge bite, and repeating again.
The Zealot shakes his head and returns to work, making sure the place is clean. An explosion is heard where I'm working and I stumble out, smoke following me. "*cough* *cough* Damn, that was strong." I go back in and bring out a basket of wings, setting them in front of Jester. "Storm wings. See what happens."
"Hehe nice and great pizza." I say taking another bite.
I go clean up and then come back out, wearing a suit of custom armor and with my revolvers in their holsters and the lever action on my back. "This outta do it."
I take a bite, and I suddenly implode. I then walk in again, and make the eight-pointed star. Grinning, I look at zarkun, and say "What's the chances of that? One in a !@#$ing million of those things will kill someone. And before he died, he liked it. Heheh....."
I shake my head. "I'll have to find a way to neutralize that one before I can sell it. Safety code violation otherwise."
"Ah, wheres the fun in that?" I chuckle, and hand him another bottle. "I had a no-implosion version made, just in case."
I will like to kindly ask you to use... my milkshake... instead of the Wing sauce... then... SuperNova wings please.
I look at SB and sigh. "Go in the back room and leave a sample. I''ll see what I can do." I start on the SuperNova wings, handling the sauce with the utmost care.
I pour my bottle in a petri dish, before happily walking back to my seat with a grin. "It's not too harmful to people, and I'm not experiencing any ill side effects~"
I finish the SuperNova wings and serve them, then head into the back room. Before closing the door, I look at SB. "You and I both know that isn't true."
I shrug, and begin to dig into the wings, gulping down the sauce and burping up a little fire, taking note of the compound used to create it, as I ignored the pain, focusing on the taste, digging in again and again, until my plate was empty. I lean back in my chair, a genetic blueprint coming up in my mind... Ah yes... that would work perfectly.
I set the bottle in the Kitchen, then come back out and proceed to beat the living hell out of the Pie until it submits to my will. I then kill it, and dig in.
Another explosion occurs followed by a string of curses as I come out with UBD's wings. "Those are special order and aren't getting added to the menu." I nod in thanks to Jester and take the bottle to the synthesizing machine, where more begin to be made.
"Uhhhhh... You guys gotta bathroom?"
I point down a hall with my thumb. "Third door on the left. Not the right, the left."
I proceed to the door on the left and walk in. Fourty three minutes later I return and slap thirty dollars in your hand and say "This should cover the mess."
I sigh and put it in the register. "Thank Gaia for the self cleaning bathrooms."

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