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"Well now that I've made some room, I might as well try that Zergling pie with extra cheddar cheese please. Wait, how many calories do zerglings have?"
I take a bite, and chuckle as the... 'other' effects of my drink take a hold of me. My mental awareness skyrocketed, and I turned, looking at the individual mind of every individual around me, quickly sifting through their thoughts, memories, and knowledge, chuckling as I copied and backed up their consciousness, all without making any more influence than I usually did. I had already assimilated so much information... it was beautiful...
"No idea, but it won't matter if it eats you instead." I set to work, adding a little bit of extra armor on my arms.
"Well, alright. YOLO. And if it's not too much to ask could I have a Big Gulp filled with gravy to drink?"
The Zealot sets the drink in front of the new comer and I set down the pizza. "Have fun with that."
"Mmmmm... That looks good." I say as I chamber a round into my Magnum.
The pie leaps up and eats the barrel of the magnum before looking at speedgoat hungrily. "You'll want something made of psi energy to deal with that."
The fork that the pie failed to see suddenly was thrust into its gall bladder. "Yum, I like em feisty." I say as I cut into his abdomen.
It fights back, biting the fork in half and then biting off speedgoat's hand. "You might want to get that checked out."
"ahh its good to be back. Zarkun! my man i want a zergling pie with a nasty piece of space cheese on top on the double!"
I stop and gawk. "HOLY SH!T! HE LIVES!" I set to work on the pizza. "We all thought RL had managed to swallow you whole for sure this time."
But it was too late for the zergling. He was already being digested.
"it is slowly. its exam season and i'm procrastinating like crap. but you know i manage to squeeze in a quick visit once in a while"
I nod, serving darkra his pie. "Use something made of Psi energy to kill it, it breaks it's teeth."
I raise my eyebrow at darkra but go back to eating.
"meh" i say before bringing a banhammer crashing down on its skull. "ADMINtium weapons work too right?"
I hand Darka a chocolate milkshake, and head back to my seat. "A gift from an old friend." ;3
I leap forward, knocking the milkshake back onto SB's table. "I told you none of that in my shop. Go...ingest Artanis or something."
"what was in that milkshake?" i ask eyeing Burito and Zarkun. waiting for a reply i take a bite from my zergling pie.
How or why would I ingest Artanis?
That seems like a highly improbable course of action for me to take. :/

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