How do you counter mass void rays

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In mid game with no archon or ht
They won't have mass void rays in mid game. Any amount of void rays they have could be countered by stalkers.
stalkers boss stalkers
Stalkers to defend and use warp prism harassment. Void rays move slower than warp prisms so you should be able to do significant damage with zealot drops, even more if you get DT's since they probably won't have much in the way of detection.

Also, harass heavy playstyle forces them to be defensive, allowing you to tech to HT/archon with storm or switch into phoenix production.
01/09/2013 04:46 PMPosted by Mrjellop
In mid game with no archon or ht
Mass Phoenix.
build lots and lots of stalkers. you'll get places building those multitool units.
Stalkers will beat void rays in the midgame. In the late game, when the voids actually start to get a critical mass, you'll need to mix in HT/archons to beat them.

You shouldn't ever be in a situation where you're getting rolled by mass voids where you didn't have hts ready. That means you let him build up without interference and without preparing for it.

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