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Aside from my derp drop and terrible micro... How could I have made this game more favorable? This terran literally had me by the balls for most of the game and I was just able to squeak by with a win thanks to him letting me get HTs and all that fun stuffs.

I'm only gold sorry and i know you wanted early game advice but I noticed late game (30minutes) terran was maxed 200 - you were still 138 supply floating like 3K minerals but only had 7 gateways on 3 or 4 base. I think you could have reached 200 far quicker and were actually lucky with that big attack because of a nice engagement where he was just forcing his way through your natural and main etc Just my 2 cents :)
Watched the replay. Here's what I reckon (in no particular order):

- Don't over make Stalkers early game, especially when you see lots of Marauders. You get owned in the first engagement because of this. Zealot Sentry plus a few Stalkers is the way to go.

- You get a robo and go for a Warp Prism when an Immortal or two would have helped a lot versus those Marauders.

- Start using the 1 Gate FE. If you scout no FE on his behalf, go to 5 gates and a robo. Use an Observer to scout and react accordingly.

- Ninja expo was a good idea in that context, but you still didn't take your natural for far too long.

- Upgrades were slow. If you do go Stalkers (which you shouldn't), you should have got much earlier Blink, and a second forge. I almost never get Blink now because I'll have 3/3, Storm and Charge by then, which usually means that the game should be over.

- Your observers needed to be better positioned to see his army movements. He goes straight up into your natural with your army out of position.
The Terran had good early harass. For some reason, when he could not get up your Force-Fielded ramp, he withdrew at 12 minutes -- all the way across the map to his base. He could have continued the Contain, waited for the Medivacs, and then did drops wherever his Scans indicated. He did not use Mules...? Ever? He also did not SCV-Repair any of his Vehicles. While he was floating almost 4000 minerals, he got Supply-blocked. He did a MMM drop after traveling over the top half of the map. If he had flown over the bottom half, he would have seen your Ninja Expansion and taken it out. Three of your Colossi spooked him to make several Vikings, which he did not need. He needed Banshees.

At the beginning you held your Main ramp with a Force Field. You placed it high enough up the ramp that the Terran could Scan and reach your first Warpgate. You should stay back, let 3 enemy units up onto the ramp, and drop the Force Field behind them, cutting them off. Wait for the FF to expire, then let 3 more units up onto the ramp, and repeat. Your Attack range 5 Sentries (range 9 Force Field) got popped by the range 6 Marauders, but they should have been dropping Guardian Shield. Your Zealots got slowed and popped by the Marauders. You need Chargealots against Concussion Shell Marauders. No-Charge Zealots get absolutely destroyed by Marauders. Archons are Massive, so they are immune to Concussion Shells and pop Force Fields with a touch. But you did not build any. Ever. High Templars and Archons are fantastic against Terran. Ghost EMP and other Cloak-able units can be effective against Archons, but you can get Observers with your Archons and then have fun.

You needed to use Feedback against the Medivacs. Each HT can pop 4 Medivacs in about 2 seconds, at range 9. Just <Tab> to the HTs, hold down <F>, and <left-click> each Medivac. Toward the end, you used Feedback against the Thors (Thors lose their Energy Bar in March with HotS!).

You had several Warpgates, some defensive Pylons at basses, but no forward Proxy Pylons except your Warp Prism. Once your opponent goes to air, you can still build Colossi, but you have to leave them at your Cannon Farms. There was a base nearby that was hard to reach because of the Destructible Rocks. You could have put an Expansion there with CannonFarm/Colossus defending it. Colossi could walk directly down from your Main and reinforce it. Blink Stalkers could also get to it. A complete Wall of Warpgates could have bottled it closed.

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