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Well it's about time. Protoss and Zerg have got a combined total of over 40 buffs since game release, Terran has like a few. Terran alone has more nerfs then the other two races combined. Blizzard was nerf happy on Terran when game was released, and now they take over a year to nerf infestors? It might be too little too late, Starcraft 2 viewers are dropping and the game overall is looked at as being imbalanced. The "asynchronous balance" route has proven to be garbage, Terran might have some early game tricks to keep their win ration on par, but making them so weak in late game compared to the other two races makes it impossible to truly balance. The balance should be based on the late game with the populations maxxed before you balance early game cheese win ratios....just saying.

Infestors will still be massed in the late game, they work too well with broods, fungal is still OP. It's a step in the right direction but the whole concept has been flawed to begin with and the whole "balance" needs a complete and total overhaul or this game is already dead.
This is what happens when your lead balance designer (David Kim) is a protoss player.

Other races need to utilize the caster they are given ghost have snipe and emp templars have feedback. but not much use voicing it since vipers are the new infestor just need to use it and once zerg figure out how to with eh whole world will cry yet again ZERG OP ZERG OP!!! why not figure out how to win instead of whining and moaning how your race sucks because your a bad player
Unfortunately Blizzard dropped the ball. They basically removed snipe from the game, plus reducing emp radius...well, ghosts are rare now, so these infestor changes are minor in comparison.

There is no possible way this game was so imbalanced on release that Terran had to be nerfed 20 times and the other races had to be buffed 40. No possible way. Now people are fed up with it.

People will move on to the next better RTS that bases balance on the late game first. Starcraft 2 is dying fast before the expansion is even close to being out. It has a really bad reputation right now as does Blizzard. Right now there are free MMO's, MOBA and RTS games that are better then what Blizzard is putting out, but Blizzard is just money hungry and lost their knack. It took them years to finally nerf infestors. It's pathetic really.

Blizzard if you are listening, you should take my advice. Base the balance on the late game first. You chose to have a max pop of 200 supply. If all three races have equal supply in economy and army, the game should be BALANCED. Right now it's not. Asychronous balance means nothing if the late game gives one race a huge advantage, and that is the case right now.
Why do you want to discourage infestor use?
Why is that not a valid strategy?
When do you realize you're not balancing so much as changing the flavor of the month/however often you do balance changes.

Chess hasn't had any balance changes in a long time, and its still fun to play.
r u !@#$in serious this is crazy its time to quit takin away from zerg because people r retarded terran and protoss r way overpowered compared especially WOL this is crazy let the swarm have a little power
Your an !@#$in idiot, Infesstor are EXTREMELY essential. Infesstor in most games are the difference between a win and lost.

By your logic the game goes like this
-protoss doesn't make sentry loses
-protoss make sentrys wins

Do you even know the general purpose of the infesstor?
all i can say to the bias zergs HAHA, that is all.
When i used the infestors i tore right through the enemies shields and destroyed the base within seconds because the amount of infested marines if there's anything blizzard really needs to do about the infestors is lower the max energy because of the amount of infested marines i was able to spawn in seconds.
I think this will make infestors more like high templars, you will only be able to get 2-5, unlike the 7-9 you see now.

Also when the protoss does air harass the infestors show up and do one fungal then put out like four eggs and kill everything. Infestors won't be stopped from doing this, but it will waste more energy.

I think this may make the eggs obsolete though, my suggestion would be to go after the infestor energy or energy recharge rate.

Also Blizzard, thank you for caring enough to make balance changes.
I think I've lost a few IQ points reading the last page of comments in this thread.
01/27/2013 06:02 AMPosted by TechNo
I think I've lost a few IQ points reading the last page of comments in this thread.

That makes two of us...

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