Becoming a better player: HotS or WoL?

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I'm currently playing Zerg in the diamond league with the goal of reaching masters eventually. I switched from Terran a few months ago so there are obviously a lot of things I still need to learn regarding the Zerg meta-game.

That being said, since I'm trying to improve in the long run, would it make more sense for me to play HotS?
In the long run, it's obviously going to be better to learn HotS over WoL because, in the end, you'll be playing HotS.

However, the metagame is much more established in WoL right now, so it may be easier to handle bettering yourself as a player in WoL.
I'd agree with TB, in WoL you can focus solely on refining builds and mechanics without having to worry about all the new stuff, although you will be a little behind when you eventually switch over to HotS. The transition would be easier for you than for someone who switched right away though since the game would be figured out a little better at that point, and you'd have somewhat of a metagame to base your play off of. You can still work on mechanics and builds while playing HotS and getting used to all the new stuff, but improvement might be a little harder. I'd think regardless of which you're playing, as long as you're focusing on improving you'll do just fine.
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I'd think regardless of which you're playing, as long as you're focusing on improving you'll do just fine.

Pretty much this. Especially since there have not really been any major changes to Zerg in HotS until Hive anyways. Focus on mechanics and getting to know the race better.

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For people familiar with WoL, HotS games will help you more in the long run since it will familiarize you with the new units and strategies. For a complete newbie, however, WoL is probably a good choice because it is much easier to learn to play an established game with numerous guides. Moreover, for a newbie, HotS is very much like WoL. The same key concepts are key to playing well (macro, mechanics, scouting, etc).

I'd recommend you play the WoL ladder. It has many more low level players for you to match up with and you will face more standard strategies (i.e. people won't mess around and try crazy things as often). I'd also highly recommend you look up some of the older day9 videos or other guides to help you early on.
Definitely HoTS is the way to go. It may not be balanced to its final product but the core functionality of all the new units is relatively solidified, so learning to manage them ahead of time will go a long way on release day.
Prepare for the future with HoTS. You're shooting yourself in the foot with WoL, which is just awful to come back to after you've played a few games in HoTS!
Well, lots of people on the HotS forums agree HotS is better than WoL.
Since that is where everything is headed, and it seems to be in a better state than WoL anyways, I'd suggest HotS.

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