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The Art of Warfare community is currently recruiting for members. We do not mind what league or skill you have, as long as you are mature and willing to understand that gaming is secondary to building a relationship with your team. There are very little requirements to join TAW, except that you are mature, willing to attend a once-a-week practice, can work in a team, and capable of going through a simple training process.

The Art of Warfare community is made up of over 2200 gamers in over a dozen games. The StarCraft II division currently have about 50 players, mostly in USA and Canada. We have a mandatory Tuesday practice time (with flexible exceptions), with optional Friday and Sunday meetings. To fully join TAW, a new recruit must go through a simple recruit training process called Bootcamp. Bootcamp can be quick and easy, and once done you will be able to participate in all events.

We offer a full website and forum, a TeamSpeak 3 server with active players every day, special TAW-specific events, skilled players to play with, and a place to socialize and bond with team members.

Complete Steps to join:

1. Go to
2. Click on the icon on top-right of screen (the "Join Now" one)
3. Fill out the following application, selecting "StarCraft" under Game...and "Battalion 1" under Battalion...and you can leave "Military History" unchecked if needed
4. Send the application, and check your email for a confirmation within 24 hours
5. Follow the directions on the email (recommended)
6. Install/set up your TeamSpeak, and get into our TS server
7. Scroll to about 3/4 the way down the channel list and find StarCraft II
8. Get someone to move you to the channel and intro yourself
9. Do your Bootcamp...and welcome to TAW !!

If you have any question or comment, feel free to post here.

Who to contact:

Contact Vulkor, the SCII Division Commander at OR in-game at BattID: Vulkor (306)


TracyJackson, SCII NA Staff Officer at OR in-game at BattID: TracyJackson (556)
bumpity and a big bump to the recruiting process...
bumpity bump...if anyone have questions or comment, feel free to ask
I would like to vouch for Tracy here. I have been in TAW for over a year now and have enjoyed every day.

TAW offers a friendly group of people that play everything from 1v1 to custom games.
I would definitely recommend TAW for anyone who wants to have a ton of like minded, helpful players.

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