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OK so I'm really new to not only the Protoss as a race, but Star Craft II as a whole. I've been trying to find some sort of a play-style that fits me, but I can't seem to be bale to balance micro and macro yet. I'm not sure when to research what, which troops to build, how many probes to create, etc. I realize all of this is a player to player basis, although I would still enjoy some direct feedback so to how you play and what you've found to be effective. Because so far the only games I've won have been VS AI or else the occasional online forfeit. I've done around 15 practice matches (yes I realize I can skip them, although I feel like they're an important introduction because I never played SC I), but just haven't had one of those 'oh, so that's what I should do' moments yet.

Again, I welcome all opinions and points of view on Protoss, and am still pretty nooby, so please refrain from excessive SC II jargon. Thanks.

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Have you watched any of the tutorials? Day 9 noobie Tuesdays and I think it was FilterSC ? Are good ones (have to look the FilterSC one up on Youtube). I'm not great by any means, but those 2 things have helped me a lot. Since you are new, you hopefully don't have bad habits to break, learn how to use the hotkeys, less mouse clicking and more hotkeys.
I'll definitely look it up. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.
The usual list:
1. Don't stop making Probes needlessly.
2. Don't get supply blocked needlessly.
3. Keep your resources low. [Spend it.]
I'll keep this in mind

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