The Good Old Days

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Dammmnnnnnn I miss them.

Does anyone else here remember them?

I can.

Trying to get home and get on the computer ASAP after a day of work in late 2011. Jumping on the computer and being immersed into a story with Vultureling, Jay, and so many others. It was our story. It was paradise. People like KnarledOne, LeKroger, SittinDuckz, and more made it perfect. I remember when we filled two threads in under 46 hours. Amazing. Not that many months later and Smylez came along and made another great RP - Breakout. So much fun.

And then it fell to pieces. Z and Z almost died at part 6. Cloaked love was taking jays time and she didn't post half as much as she used to. I had to do more stuff. Workload was getting harder, and I had to keep up with the pace. Z and Z died at part seven. Breakout died not far after. I felt sad. Pointless. Nothing to do. Everyone left.

Sittingduckz. Jay. LeKroger. Vulturling. Everyone.... Gone.

I faded to the black.

I came back and tried a revive of Z and Z, Didn't last nearly as long. Didn't make it far. It didn't feel right to continue it again. It wasn't the same. Joey-rays faded from my most visited site to nearly twentieth. Some RPs here and there. Nothing felt right. Nothing ever felt what like the original 7 Z and Zs felt like.

I went so far as to write a "Official Resignation from the forums". Thunder left. Jay didn't update her story. Zanon wasn't on much. No one was ever in-game.

This may have just turned into a rant. But what I'm really here to ask is:

Does anyone else remember the good old days?

I am still here NickDaMan. I doubt I will leave for some time anyway. I do agree the relaunch of Z+Z was not the same with out the original crew and I miss it as well, well not my terribad RPing from that time.

I won't forget those days anytime. It is encouraging to see you around still.

Kroger isn't gone, just having account difficulties. I didn't come in til earlier in 2012, but I've read most of the stuff. Thunder isn't gone for good, just immersed in other things, and his home network died, not to mention he can only get on at school. Then Zanon is...Zanon. He's never around much.
I'm too new here, but I understand. And reminiscing about it won't help. I'd say that you should go back and reread the old RP's you were in and savor the old moments.

Don't try and recreate the old RP's too much, you'll expect them to be too much like the originals and it won't feel right.

So, you need to except the change and do one of two things. A: Move on, and find something else. B: Meet the newer RPers and get involved again. This whole mournful reminiscing thing is getting kinda annoying.

There. One brutal pep talk, wether you wanted it or not.
Aha, both of you overlooked what I meant to say. Do you remember the good old days? In other words, do you remember good times from your time here?

And if so, perhaps you could share stories of said good times

And Zarkun, what I meant, was at the time they were gone.

A) Fixed, B) That's something he's aware of, War, but things like this happen. Joeyrays isn't where I started RPing, it was elsewhere, and god do I miss those days. Reminiscing is normal, and it helps to be able to say it somewhere.

Edit- I figured I might have, but yeah. It isn't necessarily here, but I remember the good times, here and other places.
That's true...
I really do miss the first 5-7 pages of Darkest Heart... NOW there's an RP we'll never be able to do again... or at least it won't be easy.

Sorry, it's just talking about it can be so damned depressing.
That's true...
I really do miss the first 5-7 pages of Darkest Heart... NOW there's an RP we'll never be able to do again... or at least it won't be easy.

Sorry, it's just talking about it can be so damned depressing.

How I feel about Z and Z now >.>
So go back and reread it. That's what I'm doing with DH.
01/08/2013 10:05 PMPosted by Warhawk
So go back and reread it. That's what I'm doing with DH.
So true. But I find rereading it better than moping about it.
So true. But I find rereading it better than moping about it.


[Now that I think about it I'm just tired and go to sleep before I do something stupid. Or many stupid things.]
You two are insane. Go...RP something similar. I don't know I'm too tired to think right now
Crazy, and slightly sociopathic. There's a difference.

Ah, I at first made the same mistake as Warhawk when reading this...good moments in Joeyray's...

Well, I don't have much to remember, as a fresh RPer (2 months RPing experience). So, I'll leave it at this.

I'm still learning, still active, and still having "The good old days" of mine.
Ah, yes. I remember...

*dramatic music*

The Academy...

More relevantly, I remember good old Tlht'Rhn. Ever since him I feel like I've been unable to create a truly authentic Brotherhood agent. I also remember the Changeling and Clone and their quest to kill an innocent man for a crime he would unwittingly commit, then the epic battle as so many different characters were united to help him.

I also remember Fantasy's New Network. In specific I remember finding Zanon's advertisement hilarious.

Also, one of the funniest posts I can remember was when Fantasy tried to enter an extremely OP character into Z&Z and kill the Changeling in a stupid way, only to get |CENSORED FOR GRAPHIC CONTENT||CENSORED FOR GRAPHIC CONTENT||CENSORED FOR GRAPHIC CONTENT|

I remember my first thread ever, the Roach Warren, and in particular remember a ring of flaming wine...

I remember the good old days.


But Nick, for nearly 6 months, all I had to reminisce were my 'good ol' days.'
I remember The Crash, Breakout, your Z&Z, which promptly died when I did, as did... every... thing...

._. Sorry about that, again. Freaking hackers.
THAT was depressing. Bloody hackers killed every thread but the Bar when they took you out.

WHich reminds me, Wfawwer's gone too.

Through me, they literally killed the bar.

Begins to sing "How Far we've Come", by Matchbox 20, and motions for everyone to start singing with him.
"I just got here when the first Z&Z died." I start crying when I remember the horrible grammar I was using in Zanon's Firebat RP. "Zanon's Firebat RP died when ArchAngel stopped RPing."
... I never had a really good RP in my opinion, they all felt the same against the barren section of my mind that is imagination. And I know I'm.... Meh at writing, I need to learn to use different words in better succession than to use the same ones over and over again.... When to use the comma and when to use the period is the question...

In all reality, I haven't felt a "Good 'ol days," yet...

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