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I don't play as much as I would like but lately I have been winning much more. HOwever, I have been mysteriously sent to bronze 3v3 team league (my favorite match type) after a victory where I was top player. I think I am doing better but I am probably missing out on key moves that will help my game. I know I am not the best player but I really haven't been able to play that much. I just want to be successful in the games I do get to play. So any strategy, build orders, and other ideas on how to improve could help. Mostly just strategies and build order help because I don't want to post replays to improve my microing, thats just something that will come with time. Thank you.
You should head over to this thread.


Lots of good info there

--Sorry, just could not resist the urge

Follow a build order while scouting constantly.

You can't do just one or the other.

Work on doing both at the same time every single game without giving up on either.

After your brain gets the idea of doing two things at once in sc2... you will fly up in leagues!

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