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First of all, I appreciate the time that you have to look at this thread, and hopefully you can help me out. I am fairly new to Starcraft, had the game for about 7 months and have started playing it with the intention of getting pretty good at it for a month and a half now.

With that said, I am a gold league player, focusing on Protoss. I have had some pretty high success rates normally, however, I have had a huge losing streak today -- 5/17 -- and have raged out as a result. I want a fresh eye to look at this replay (and there can be more provided if needed) and see what is it that I'm doing wrong. What can I do better?

I know that scouting on my part is desperately needed, but what else can be addressed? I am lost a lot of the time and just want to know what mechanics need to be worked on. I have a goal that by August I want to be Master - Grandmaster. I know it's a long shot but I've gotta start somewhere with a goal, right? Either way, I have a goal that I want to reach and I have watched videos, read guides, and studied build orders. I'm still new to the game and have every intention of getting better and I hope you can help me out.

I appreciate the time you have taken here and I really appreciate any tips that you have for me.


Well. After watching the replay, I can say that you did quite well overall. As far as macro goes, you consistently were making probes non-stop; GREAT! Your third could have been a bit earlier (and also a 4th probably could have been planted down earlier) but that's not as much of a biggie. If anything your upgrades were a bit slow, maybe get another forge and remember to constantly chrono.

Now for the flip side; you had far too many probes. by the time you made your third, all the probes you needed were at your natural. if you just moved about half of them over to the third, it would have been instantly saturated and you would have still had ample supply in army. Compared to his 42 drone count (which is terrible because he had no income) you had 81 probes... a 40 supply difference in army is quite a big deal.

Your micro was quite decent, with good Force Fields. In that particular game, your enemy brilliantly out-positioned you with a full surround, so that'll have to be something to watch out for in the future. perhaps send an observer a bit earlier to check out the position of his army. Only other thing is to make sure that your zealots are not in the middle of your army, since melee untis aren't very good at long ranges.

the only thing that I really thought was lacking was scouting, like you mentioned. Even a suicide probe or few would have helped a lot to know what was going on. Had you known that all there was were roaches and lings, i think that getting more immortals and sentries (and perhaps Ht for storm) would have probably been better than the collossus.

Only other thing that I can really think of is that you attacked a bit too late. Had you scouted, you would have known that multiple times your zerg enemy had very few army units, and you could have taken expansions with ease (and some cannons to protect also help btw). Also, after your army was maxed, it was good taht you started your 4th, but i think that a couple of cannons there and at the third would have helped fend off the zerg if your engagement was close (although he had too much after the battle for it to have worked, most likely.

Not the best mentor ever here, but hope that could help ya!
K. I watched your game start to finish. I even slowed it down. Watched it from your perspective only and then watched it from his perspective as well.

Your mechanics are just fine. You have a decent apm that will get you to masters easily and allow you to do quite well in masters.

The number one glaring issue that im now seeing everywhere from bronze to masters is........

the LACK OF SCOUTING. You scouted with your never scouted again until 10 minutes with an observer that died.

Tip: SCOUT. FFE really depends on scouting......because? because the FFE is there to allow you to get a TECH advantage over the zerg who is in macro mode....

Your initial scout did not go back in his base to scout gas scout if he was making any other tech...IE perhaps a roach bust...banelling nest.......single gas....double gas...anything.

You never scouted his third to see the timings on the never scouted to see the saturation. You never placed any hidden proxy pylons or kept a probe on the map....proxy pylons allow you to warp in a single zealot to go do some never attempted to hold any watch towers.......essentially the most glaring issue in this game was your total lack of sight and vision and map awareness.

One of the things I like to do vs zerg is to apply some pressure with my first units.....send a probe out with them....put down a pylon and make them think your committing to a full on attack........let them see you drop the pylon........attack....DONT DIE......force them to make lings and roaches...perhaps drop a spine or two....then pull back......

Warp prism play.......La di la.........this game when 16 minutes before any kind of engagement........and during this engagement you were pretty much in the dark as to what he really was many bases he was on.......

In short a FEW things stand out here..........

SCOUTING was bad.

Unit mixture was fair......more sentries vs that many lings/roaches would have been in order......good scouting would have told you more sentries, more immortals......perhaps one less colossi. That was a lot of roaches and roaches do pretty well against all but massive colossi.

Thirdly you had a natural choke point at your your gates and some cannons there to prevent him just storming into your third.....

Fourthly when your going to attack onto creep....TAKE A WARP PRISM WITH can warp in units on cannot build pylons on creep.

More cannons.....More scouting.....

So I like to always get hallucination before warpgate tech vs zerg because the game has become so FFE....they drone to 80.......scout with hallucination.....its much cheaper then robo and you can keep your robo busy making immortals rather then observers while you scout with free energy.

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