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For those of you who just cant seem to find any stores with Zerg in stock. We sell normal pets like cats and dogs along with the more rare and dangerous come over to Mecha's Pet Shop. We will get new pets every once and awhile.

Selection Zerg:The Zerg swarm is vicious and cunning as well as cute and cuddley.

Zergling: A smaller type of Zerg.
Important Info: Many Zerglings suffer from small Zerg syndrome as well as bad gas. They will chase your neighbors cats and you may find your Zergling with a full belly. Will pee on fire hydrants which is a problem since the pee is very very acidic.

Larva: Perfect for small children since all you need to do is give them creep and when they are responsible enough you can morph it!!!!!!
Important Info: As stated above all they need is creep to live. Very boring.

Baneling: Ive said it before DO NOOT HUUG.. God damnit not again.... cleanup pllease.
Important Info: Will explode when squeezed to hard and its cuteness just makes you want to hug it, DONT HUG IT.

Roach: Nothing says lovein like 50 gallons of of corrosive green slime!
Important Info: If you like your nice yard this pet is not for you because of its love for burrowing. When scared it will spew acid all over the place. Make sure you attach a tracking device or shock collar so it doesnt burrow away.

Hydralisk: NO ONE CAN RESIST THE FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Important Info: Drools a lot. When petting remember not to touch its abdomen or your hand will be full of spines.

Infestor: Cleanup has been a bit messy but everone has been extremely helpful lately.
Important Info: Leaves a trail of slime so its messy as hell and loves to dig holes. Also your new friend may try to enslave you.

Mutalisk: Have Muta, will travel.
Important Info: Make sure you have a cage a couple miles long and and a couple miles high, any smaller will make your new friend unhappy. When its hungry or stressed it will fire glaive wurms so keep it happy. You have to train your Mutalisk before you attempt to put a saddle on it otherwise...... lets not talk about that.

Ultralisk: Have fun with your new 20 ton bundle of love!!!
Important Info: Your gonna need a bigger house!!! It may run people over on accident so youll have train it to only run on command. You better house train that puppy or the sanitation department will be at you house for weeks.

Corrupter: Chicks dig squids.
Important Info: If you leave your house and come back to find a Broodlord DONT worry, it didnt eat your new pet.

Broodlord: Proof that a baby cannon is very effective.
Important Info: Is VERRY slow so when your walking your new pet dontt get frustarated, also if the idea of a baby cannon is morbid to you this pet is not for you.

Critters: If your not ready for a Zerg but dont want a bland normal pet

Ursadon: POLAR BEARS IN SPAAACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scantid: Scorpions on steroids

Benglaas: Mommy can I have the big purple kitty??

Ursaduk: No its not a space duck.

Normal Pets:For those who like normal.

Puppys and Dogs: Mans best friend.

Kittens and Cats: No they are not the flesh eating variety that I used in my Kitten Cannon they have retired, well maybe.

Snake: Pick your posion.

Fish: Just keep swimmin just keep swimmin.

Pets From Other Dimensions

Rancor: Dont know where they came from but they arnt happy. *gulp*

Unicorn: Dont play leapfrog with it.

SUPER DANGEROUS PETS: If any pets from this stock cause any kind of damage, drive you insane, it is not our fault. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!

Important Info: !@#$s rainbows ALL THE TIME. It will always sing an annoying tune no matter what, shoots a laser beam that can turn people into poptarts, impervious to all weapons, here is why you dont piss a Nyan Cat off

Mixomatic 90000: Can mix any two pets or a pet and an object to create a cool new hybrid.

NOTE: Pets are bought to be pets and the ONLY pets that can be used in any kindve of sport of painful job is our SUPER DANGEROUS PETS since they are pretty much invinceable and if they dont like what youer doing they will %^-* you over HARD.
I walk in and put a check for 1000 credits on the table. "How many Roaches will this get me?"
10 though Roaches are like dogs and if their are to many they are hard to control and they would make their own pack. So 1-2 Roaches is best
Hmm.... Give me.... 4K of Larva.
*Puts down a Credit Card*
I'm experimenting on something that could change how people play with Zerg!
Here is your 400 larva CR (4k is 4 thousand, correct) Just make sure you luv them lots.

If these experiments are unethical I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN........
Yes, 4k is 4,000... So I still need 3,600 Larva. And don't worry... I'll love them.
Sorry CR but we cannot allow youto buy that many as we wuld run out of stock. Lost probably has some but they would probably die pretty quickly since his are not pampred and loved like mine. Also we will be selling Queens soon and one has arrived early so Ill give it to you FREE so it can take care of the larva while your away.
A Free Queen for me? Lovely, I can guarantee a delightful business.
"Actually my assistants take excellent care of all my stock, Warbeasts included." I say decloaking in the corner.
"I'm buying a lot for a reason. I've had packs of wolves before so I think I'll do just fine."
@Morph: Do your Zerg have an official Pedigree from the Z.A.S.Z (Zerg Association of Snooty Zerg owners) I think not. Also after they leave your shop all they will become is a beast of burden.

@Koro Roaches arnt Wolves but whatever though if they eat you its not my fault.
"You said they're like dogs, so I assumed it was relevant. Just give me my Roaches."
I gave them to you
I kick Mecha for pulling that random piece of sh!t out of his @ss that isn't even the correct acronym. "One that doesn't even exist. Two it should be the Z.A.S.Z.O. nimrod. Three no they don't become beasts of burden most of the time."
Well its called a Warbeast shop........
"Warbeasts are used to fight, meaning that they're well cared for and trained, and are never used for beasts of burden. Also Nikola already has PETAZ, and Warbeasts like the Ryoka would rip your pampered pets a new one." I stop and look at Morph. "By the by, I kept a Ryoka for myself, security reasons."
Z.A.S.Z Is a bunch of snooty Zerg owners. Also I dont care if your warbeast could beat my pets since they are pets and are nice and friendly. Though the Nyan Cat would kill the Warbeast it is untameable and is immune to conventional weapons
That's why Nyan Cat is destroyed from a nuke... It's not a conventional weapon.
"Your Nyan cat would get eaten. Plain and simple. The Ryoka is not your typical beast of war."
When I meant conventional I meant it in the same way Kerrigan was in the Mobiues mission. UNKILLABLE by anything Terran Toss or Zerg. Only Xel Naga !@#$

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