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Ive been playing this since christmas, an it really is alot to take in. maybe I'm just new to rts games, but I'm having trouble with timings. ex. scouting, expanding et. I know what i need to do every match, its just implementing it during my games. does this kind of experience get better the more you play?

I put this post in protoss cuz ive been playing that race recently.
The short answer is yes, it does start to make more sense as you go. Watch games on YouTube and pay attention to when players do things, how much money they have, and what they're making at any given moment. Day9s old newbie Tuesdays in particular are really good at highlighting common mistakes made by new players.

Learning which strategies work and which don't isn't as important as learning the basics
Ohh right on. The game is super fun, even tho I get my $**! Pushed in most the time. I'll have to check out those videos. I've learned a quite a bit just watching replays of people I've played against. Thanks man for responding

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