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cant use any of my blizzard games at the moment, due to this..
I just want to play my video game.
bumping this

am experiencing the same problem.

its funny how you guys are planning to release HoS soon and such stuff keeps popping up making sc2 unplayable.
Get this fixed pls!!!!

An update would be nice.
I live in Japan. I hadn't played SC2 in a while, but today (January 26, 2013) I couldn't get past the log in screen. It kept saying, "Unable to download authentication module." Even after turning off my authenticator it wouldn't work. The funny thing is that D3 and WoW both work just fine... So its just SC2 in my case...
I heard this has something to due with the Global Play stealth launch. Apparently Global Play started December 21st. That's the week I began having this problem. It's now been a month since I've been able to play.

Blizzard, even if you don't know how to fix it, can you at least let us know that you recognize the problem exists?
I just got a new desktop.

I can't even play offline because of that error... I was trying to figure out what was wrong with the windows 8 configuration but apparently the problem is on Blizzard server side. It would be really helpful to get error messages with more information (so we know if the server is reached, if the TCP connection is established or not, if a required port is not opened, etc.).
so disappointed in you Blizzard

tried fixing for hours then realized it was fault from your side.
Yup. Like Apollo say. Changing the DNS works.
here is the quick link on how to change it to google open DNS:
How do you change your DNS!?!?!
Exactly the same thing as everyone else and also Australian. Went on leave over new years, came back and game doesn't work as describe countless times above. Changed DNS and can join but stuck 'Initializing data' after I followed others advice and deleted all cached information.
I changed dns, it now works for WoW but still doesnt work for Starcraft.
Doesnt work here too!
I`m from Perth Au.
Try this, it fixed the problem for me. Morons at Blizzard really f***ed the pooch.

This is a fix for Win7

Open the SC2 folder.
Right (not left) click on SC2 Program icon.
Click "Run as Administrator"

The authentication module should work and initialize and you can start SC2 normally after this login.
Yep, same problem here -__-
Same problem here. Even resort to crappy Hotspot Shield. No help. From Canberra, Australia. Blizzard screwed up big time :(
Bump from Norway ><
I live in France (playing the North American version), same issue, it's been 2 weeks I haven't played SC2 :-(

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