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"Uh, where do I stay?" I ask, concerned.
The officer stares at Victor and shakes his head. "You didn't read your papers? There's a dorm building half of a kilo from here. A tram service there on the surface can take you there as well as an underground hallway that links there."
Phil walks out and whiffs the air and looks around for his escort. Finding it, he joins them and walks to the security desk.

"Hi, my name is Phil Jacobson, I am with the new guys?" I say in a quizzical manner, taking note of the man to his left.
Application: Zarkun
Name: Ryan Jeston
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Backstory: Has been part of the Dominion military since he turned 18, excelling in close combat maneuvers, but being issued standard gear until Apollo station deems a need for a change. However, his hand to hand is not to be taken lightly.
Security Clearance: Level 2
Equipment: Light Combat Armor, Pistol
Application: CrymsonRaven
Name: Steven Lograin
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Backstory: Trying to escape from the Dominion is something that no one should ever try to do unless they had the experience and the guts to prove themselves worthy... Steven on the other hand chose to join the Dominion for benefits as in the fact that they would help pay for his education if he would ever need it. Like everyone that joined, he got training with the Pistol and training exercised from within the combat armor. He isn't the Marksmen of any team, but like any other, he knows how to handle a gun.
Equipment: Light Combat Armor, Pistol
"Phil Jacobson? Looks like you're also assigned to the bio-labs."

@Zarkun and CR
I step up and follow my assigned personnel, arriving at the Security desk. "Ryan Jeston. Where am I assigned?"
"Seems like you'll be Professor Hikari escort for the day. She does weapons testing. You start tomorrow as well as your shift is in the day. Here's the direction to her office. Try not to be late."
I take the directions and nod. "Thanks, and I won't be. Mind pointing me towards the hall to the dorms?"
Take the tram on the second level. That's the fastest way there."
I nod and walk away, looking for some stairs. I hope they let me have a shotgun soon. Be nice for sure.
"Alright then Steven Lograin. You'll be stationed at the armory. Nothing big, just making sure all of the equipment and gear are in order."
Steven was looking around before I looked at his officer? Giving him a salute he said, "Yes sir!" Lowering his arm. "Do you want me to finalize any reports of the matter to you? Or someone else?"
"You report to the armory keeper. His name is Victor. You just fill out papers and check if the equipment is faulty or not. Nothing exciting. Your shift is also tomorrow."
"Yes sir...," said Steven has he did an about face and went off to his given dorm.
Finding the stairs, I climb them and board the tram, taking a seat by the door and noting all the scientists. That's a lotta egg heads. No wonder this place is important.
[Tram carrying Zarkun]

There is something on the wall...

The Tram is a two-way track that covers 250 meters in the span of ten minutes. It is enclosed in a sealed and protected environment to ensure that the passengers are safe from the hazards of space as Eyseria's atmosphere is too thin. In the event the Tram is out of service, please use the underground passages instead.

"...I know! The designs are coming quite nicely..."
[Back at the desk]

"Right-o. You're all processed. Here's your card key and I.D. Where's the other new guy, Ryan? Shucks, he left already? Do me a favor one of you and give this to him when you head over. It'll have his room number on the card which he should know."

"The next tram is coming in five minutes. Feel free to ask any questions."
I read it and shrug. Cool facts, not much else though. I'd noticed the conversation and listen to it.
"Yes, but I think we should add several microprocessors to the motherboard."

"Good idea, I'll take it up to Sarah. Perhaps the voltage levels needs to be looked at. Stephan was reporting some discrepancies in the power supply. Insufficient power could have skewed the performance of 'Atlas'."

"All this talk and work! I'm so tired! Let's discuss it some other time."
Atlas? Maybe the Professor I'm supposed to escort tomorrow will know.

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