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I'm going to start this thread by saying I'm not in the beta but I moniter the forum a lot to prepare myself for the release.
In the forum I've noticed people are confused with the changes to the oracle in beta patch 11. It can now detect as well as do damage (each costing energy). And I know it has always been used as a early / mid game harass unit. It still is very effective at this job, but becomes less effective after each attack because once you lose the element of surprise your opponent will be ready with static d or even aa units w.
hen you fly in to harass again.
So to be blunt, they quickly lose there efficency at harrassment after the first attack

However after they have surved their purpose as harassment, they can be brought home and used as anti harassment
Here's an example:
You make 3 oracles early game and harass your opponent (terran) and get a lot of worker kills.
After losing a good amount of workers early they build 3 or more missle turrets as a precaution.
You see this when you attack again so you pull your oracles back to your base, and put one above each mineral line. So if you have three bases you can have one at each nexus. Or if you made six oracles early, you could have 2 at each nexus. If your still on two bases then 1 on each nexus and one with the army.
The oracles will slowly build up energy and can be used with warp I'm reinforcements to deal with basicly any kind of harass.
Bashee rush? Oracle has detection so just warp in stalkers.
Drops? Oracle wrecks marines expecially with a warp in of zealots.
Dt rush? Handles itself
Zealot drops? Certainly helps.
Blink stalkers? At least it can attack or detect the observer their using.
Ling runbys? With renforcements would do very well. Expecially with cannons
I mean the possibilities are endless. It is excellent to repel any cloaked or burrowed units.
I'm not saying it can solve any problem but I think it would help with any harrasment type.
Its other sight spell can be used on the medivacs or warp prisms to track them.
Might not help against mutas but you will have a stargate anyways.

Idk I'm not a pro just tossing ideas around. If any of you are in the beta and have used it this way please inform me I'm always looking for more insight. And if you haven't tried it yet please do I think it has potential!

Either way, thank you for reading
Good points but yeah of course, you wouldn't just waste them and not use them if you already have them and if you see they have defenses at their mineral line. It would be like immortals in PvZ, later on they're not good but you won't just ignore them and waste the supply, you immortal drop or a-move them somewhere. I would use Oracles for defense or even in my main army lol.
Exactly it makes them not quite as one dimentional as units, and they are not wasted supply because one or two at each base along with warp ins shuts down almost all harrassment.
And any competant player is going to try and harass, expecially if they have already lost workers to the oracles.
It won't stop doom drops or mass muta but at anything else its the most cost efficient way to use them.
01/10/2013 09:26 PMPosted by Rick

01/10/2013 09:26 PMPosted by Rick

01/10/2013 09:26 PMPosted by Rick
but at anything else its
*but, if anything else, it's*

♥ Sorry to be a grammar freak. but I think you can do better ^_^
I don't really mind you calling me on my spelling because I'm pretty laid back and I was just throwing my ideas out there quickly so I figured there would be a lot of mistakes and after looking back I can see there was.
but let's focus on the idea about the oracle. I would assume you would have valuble insight on that as well
01/11/2013 11:34 AMPosted by Rick
I would assume you would have valuble insight on that as well
Indeed :)

I simply agree with you :D I LOVE using Oracles, and the new changes are SUPER welcome, especially against Swarm-Hosts - MS Core was inadequate for the most part, when Envision was on it.
Please spread the word then because people just complain on the beta forum about how terrible it is. And I'm not in the beta so I can't post there.
I don't know how this change will work out with msc or the mothership but I feel that's what most of the people are angry about.
I however realize how important the oracles new roles are for stargate tech.
Not just for attack but also for defense

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