Akilon Flats

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So I've just gotten back on the ladder after a few weeks off, and I played a game on this map earlier. It feels awful, exactly like Entombed Valley with the unwallable nat and seems like it's leaving zerg extremely vulnerable to early hellion harass/speedling allins. What does everybody else think of this map? I'm probably going to end up vetoing it.
The best 3rd is to take the one not blocked by the rocks. The best 4th is the one blocked by the rocks. AFter that the player should expand according to the side they are on. The top left position should continue to expand along the top side. The bottom right side should expand along the bottom.

Every time I've expanded in the wrong direction, it makes it extremely hard to hold the bases. By holding the closest watch tower to your 3rd base, you can see incoming attacks along that route. Holding the outer watch towers (not the middle ones), will allow you to protect your 5th and 6th bases.

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