Weird Digital Patterns During Cut Scenes

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I'm receiving strange digital patterns during the (non CG) cut scenes in campaign mode. These patterns are faintly black and are usually as long single "links." Although they are not visible during the entire cut scene, they show up at specific parts. These patterns look similar if not identical to the digital pattern used here at the main website and the "Starcraft" and "Arcade" tabs on the main menu of the Starcraft 2 game. To get a better understanding of what they look like, focus on the background pattern of the "Home" directory tab of this website.

The computer is newly built and contains a brand new ASUS GeForce GTX 660 ti-dc20-2gd5 video card. I'll see if I can get a screen shot of the problem and a full spec list of the computer. Any feedback will be most appreciated.

1/23/13 Update- Patterns persist through most of the cut scenes and are limited to the bottom of the screen.

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