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For some reason i forgot how to hold and follow up after dealing with a 4 gate; here is what i have been doing against people i think will 4 gate- either going 3 stalker rush, and the other toss brings two probes and ninja pylons at my ramp or just runs through and i cant kill it in time; then im left waiting for my sentry to pop out of one of my two gates, at the toss pushes up warps in and ez wins...also how do i deal with this if i go phoenix, and do the normal 2 sentry 2 zealot tactic, and he runs up my ramp; should i waist ff to stop him from doing it even though he is pushing up before warp gate is done?
please help T.T
For the 2 Probes situation, you just have to deal with both Probes. It would be a mistake to let a Probe set a Pylon so close to your ramp. At the very least, your Stalkers should be able to push back the forward pylon, away from your main base.

If he tries to run up your ramp before Warp Gate is done which is most likely a Zealot and Stalker, then just FF one of the units out and let the other one inside, then kill the unit inside before Warp Gate research finishes. If you can't kill his units before Warp Gate finishes, then don't let any units inside your base and just FF 'em out indefinitely.
3 Stalker Rush:
Search everywhere for Probes with the first Stalker, once the next two are out, push out and challenge their units and make sure a Probe doesn't sneak by. Once you push them back far enough it doesn't really matter what you're building back at home, you should be fine against any impending attacks. There is a reason the build is so powerful.

Standard 1 Gate Tech:
Build a Zealot and followed by two Stalkers and a Sentry last. Send the Zealot around your main and your natural to search for Probes and Pylons and then get your Zealot and Stalker to head out on the map so that you can intercept the Probes quicker. Once your second Stalker is out you can be a bit more aggressive just have to be careful of potential ninja Probes trying to sidestep your forces. You will have a one unit advantage for the travel distance so you should be able to take on his units. Focus the Probes first! If they run into your base and get a Pylon down you need to pull Probes immediately and attack the Pylons right away. If they are unable to get up the ramp, your sentry will be out before they can warp-in and you will be able to warp-in sentries in time enough to hold any attack with ease. Need at least two gates IMO. Phoenix builds can still be weak against 4 Gate.
sentries! get up a couple, force field the ramp until you have enough stuff (preferably immortals).
Follow-up with an expansion since your opponent invested a lot of minerals into a failed attack. Therefore, capitalize on that failed investment and get more ahead in economy.
use the anti 4gate build - 3 stalker opening.
main points are:
-once you confirm 4gate with your scout you can choose to add a 3gateway or tech up, based on how comfortable you are with your control
-open 3 stalkers then queue 1 stalker 1 sentry
-deny close by proxy pylons so he has to make reinforcements extremely far away
-if he builds two pylons right at your ramp (one below and one above) you will have to pull probes to kill it off
- once your warp tech is done and he has no vision he's screwed, just keep FFing until your army is big enough to take him on

Follow up:
-any 1base all in will kill him. 4gate blink, 1 base colossus, pheonix gateway all in, etc. i dont see any point in prolonging a game when opponent throws it away, but that's just my opinion !

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