"connect" button doesn't work.

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So im using a mac (10.8.2) and when I start the game up and where it says battle.net account name, the connect button underneath is yellow and darkened and is unable to be selected/clicked. When I click new user it redirects me to the web where it wants me to upgrade my account and buy heart of the swarm. I didn't really want to purchase it, but since I couldn't play I saw no other choice. After purchasing heart of the swarm, the new user still redirects me to "buy digit games," but now says you already have heart of the swarm. I cant play offline as it says I need to authorize it through battlenet. Help?
Are you entering in your full Battle.net email address in the account name field? It has to be a full email, like Blizzard123@blizzard.com or whatever you have setup for your Battle.net account.
I just got the beta from gamestop when I ordered the game. The beta key I got works fine and I am able to get the beta downloaded. However, when going to login I cannot and it says that the battle.net connection is not available. I am however able to log into WOL with out any problems. Any help would be great.
I'm using a pc and I'm having the same problem bigbob is having it was recently locked but I got the problem fixed on battle.net but on the actual game it doesn't give me the option to connect and if i go to the new user thing it just gives me the option to connect on battle.net and yet if i go back to the game it still wont do anything ? Ive turned the game on and off ive reset my entire computer but still nothing works help is required
same thing here
Wow Blizzard, doing excellent job at helping us all... Giving us the equivalent of "Did you make sure it is plugged in?"

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