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Not just any Psionic energy, Psionic energy that Abel gave off while sleeping.... The Pillow could kill a man!

Still.... :3 Steamy pictures of Shade that the Broodlings took pictures of.
Don't remember that... fortunately.

SF, get to Reaper.
"NEVER!" I start running into a small cave as a little goblin from The Hobbit.
How about we do an RP that was something like Feral. Rpiing as animals is pretty cool
Quick question:
If I write up lore based on the following concept, who would be willing to join, co-DM and/or create a plot for the RP? (I'm great at creating worlds/universes, characters and other various stuff, but I can't come up with a good plot to save my life)

A sky-world with airships, dragons, guns (nothing automatic), advanced steam tech (high-presure suits of steam-powered armor, etc.)
"Sure. I would."
I would join and certainly contribute to lore.

I won't need as much help with the lore as a good plot line. I've got no idea what to do for that.

A few more yes' and I'll get to work when I can.
I would help contribute to Lore and/or Plot. If both of those were good I'd Join.
I still would like to do an RP where each player controlled a region or dungeon, and would DM what happened within their area.

I could contribute to plot by being a pirate raider.
01/09/2013 03:59 PMPosted by KnarledOne
I could contribute to plot by being a pirate raider.

Could easily work, just depends on what the plot is. I'd like to have you and/or a couple of the older members to be co-DM's or at least someone that I can rely on to keep things going in the right direction.
Warhawk: I would probably join, though I would likely try to be a villain.
Rescind the nothing automatic, and I'll consider Co-DM.
01/09/2013 04:06 PMPosted by Zarkun
Rescind the nothing automatic, and I'll consider Co-DM.
....Bloodtakers are the reason.... Right.....
*gives CR knowing smirk*

Hit the nail on the head.
Maybe... I don't want guns to be overpowered so that's why there wouldn't be any automatic weapons. I was planing for guns to be fairly accurate, long-ranged and hard-hitting. (rifles, revolvers, cannons, etc.)

01/09/2013 04:10 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven

What? what am I missing here?
01/09/2013 03:14 PMPosted by KnarledOne
(Note- the Academy may not be the best example due to the fact that it contained both Abel and Ceas, two of the most OP chars in JoeyRay's history. However, their power was due to the veterancy system used in PKA, and the owners of said characters were big participators and had stacks of buffs.)
I actually was one of the people with the least amount of buffs, due to not participating in any non-scheduled missions or having plot events that gave me them. I just went for a very focused character build, which was range and damage. Even by the end though I still only had something like 75 hp total xD

edit: Okay, so maybe Repulsion Field was a bit OP. Didn't prevent smylez from killing me with a giant Nydus Worm that spawned below me in the simulation though...
01/09/2013 04:13 PMPosted by Warhawk
What? what am I missing here?
Fully automatic Pistols I believe to be.
Warhawk, I would also be willing to DM or co-DM if the plot and lore was good.

Hey guys, I have a RP idea. With enough thumbs up I will make it. Please don't steal this idea :S

King of Pirates

Each Rper has a choice between three roles.

Pirate: Goal is to amass the biggest crew and become the most feared pirate in history.
Colony: Goal is to create the most productive colony in the sector. Each colony can pick a product and sell it to whomever wants it. The more money the Colony makes, the more it can expand.
Mercenary: Goal is to make the most money possible. Mercenary groups can be hired by pirates or colonies to defend or attack whatever, whenever.

Each Rper would have to manage funds and tech to succesfully drive their business to become the king of pirates.
Oh..... As long as I can use Stefan Alexander (the same one that was in SO and SS) as a Merc, I'm in.

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