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Mark: Not necessarily. And SS was not like that, you just didn't want BP to be mortal because of your story.
Um. that would truly suck. I'll admit that.
Dac: There were only a few people who weren't either unstoppable or immovable. Those people are: KO, you and CR. All the people that got attacked by wfawwer. I honestly think wfawwer was a large contribution to why that RP failed.
I'd edit that last bit out, fast.
Why? Alright, it's gone. But you know it's true.
Mark, Fawwer is confirmable female. She wasn't a contributing factor. What killed you was that you decided right off the bat that no one would escape or survive, which isn't necessarily true. Over time, mistakes happen. Then there's the fact that you tried to make it conform to a story, which made no sense given an RPs nature. Simply put, SS was not what you made it out to be.
Crap... War was right xD

Zarkun, I blame SS's failure on the greatest RP mistake I've made... ever. Trying to base a RP off of a story. I just hope you guys give me a second chance. And give the story a second chance when I redux it.

*Prays that [CENSORED] isn't sitting back and typing up a hate post directed at me right now.*
I will respectfully ask you to use the edit button as well. please.
The story/RP combo didn't really work, yes.
I'm not ignoring what he said, War, and it's somewhat rude that you're allowing him to get away with that.
What did he say? Also, seem seriously bi-polar sometimes. "It was because of OP people. And wfawwer." Then, "It was a stupid idea to make an RP off a story, my bad."
Coming back....

01/09/2013 05:53 PMPosted by Dacder seem seriously bi-polar sometimes.

....wonder if I'm Bi-Polar...
I'm a big believer in forgive and forget. (Or at least I try to. Move on is probably more accurate than forget.)

He made a mistake. It happens. I doubt it will happen again.
And Zarkun: I kmust side with War. Please edit the beginning of your post. Just because a piece of information has been made available does not merit its continuous repitition.
CR: Hell no. You're not that, for sure.

Forget it and move on.
Bi-polar? No. Manically depressed? Maybe.
01/09/2013 05:58 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Bi-polar? No. Manically depressed? Maybe.

Let's not get the philosophical train rolling please...
01/09/2013 05:45 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Why? Alright, it's gone. But you know it's true.
You guys are right, let me clarify. I blame myself for putting SS on a trail to destruction. I blame wfawwer for nailing the last nail in it's coffin. I have a terrible habit of being not clear with what I mean, I am sorry.

You guys are right again, What I said was rather out of line. I thank you profusely for your forgiving and merciful nature, KO and War.

CR, you are not bi-polar. Neither am I. That nasty... comment has been boiling up in me for some time. I apologize I wasn't strong enough to contain it.

Dac, I promise it wasn't about you. I also promise it is true, but still inappropriate. Sometimes, how one presents the truth is just as important as showing the truth in and of itself.

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