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01/15/2013 04:53 PMPosted by Warhawk
Ah, then what RP are you talking about?

My first attempt at DMing, The Need to Survive.
And I've had my fair share of botched RP's... *Points a finger at the grubby Roach known as Knarled* And I obtained his curse! *Loads a Sniper Rifle with Raid... While setting up a Roach Motel and Hotel.*
Ah, so is there any connection between that and the one Mecha started?
"Not sure if I will ever DM." I turn to SF. /motherofgodmeme I punt SF over to HB. "Post you crazy SOB!"
Good point... Zarkun, I'm waiting on you in HB as well.
01/15/2013 05:00 PMPosted by Warhawk
Ah, so is there any connection between that and the one Mecha started?

None. Mecha's just happen to have the same name as mine, which was already dead by the time He started his. And I'm not doing anything further in HB until someone else bloody well DMs. I'm starting to get annoyed.
I believe, once the main RPs begin to die down... I may begin that Homestuck RP Warhawk and I were talking about...

I've done one before, but this would be even more interesting...
About that... I'm perfectly willing to help out, also a friend of mine far more well versed with HS is perfectly willing (I think) to help out. (he has an old B-net accout from Dablo 2)
Are you current with Homestuck? It's getting kinda disturbing... more so than usual, that is.
Yeah... it's... taken a turn. :P
I like how Hussie is actually mocking the fandom though.
OH, by the way, MockingJay is a big Homestuck person, maybe we could get her to help? :D
I don't see why not. I'm not overly well versed with the lore, so I'd be best suited as an assistant DM or something like that. With the four of us, (assuming my friend pitches in) we aught to be able to run things smoothly.



Not the Tricksters. *shudders*


...And now there are three of them....
poor Erisolsprite...

ya gotta love the STERN FATHERLY DISAPPROVAL though.

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