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Come down man.... What's wrong with a good 'ol fashioned Survival/Horror RP that has nothing to do with Exorcists, Monster Hunting, or Elder Gods?
And one that has to do with rogue Changelings beginning to infest everyone that it kills, and then using them to inflict psychological trauma on their former friends and allies? :D
If our characters were actually vulnerable and have (little/some) means of defending themselves, it can lead to a lot of tense scenarios. I can't say for sure it'll have that same tension like games and movies because we have to do a lot of imagining with the posts but it'll be a nice change of pace.

The changeling can't be invulnerable though. There has to be a way to inhibit/kill it.
You seem to be missing the point...whatever, people will see what they want. I'm going back to plotting my own RPs in other places.
A Psychological thriller of a lifetime? Sounds like an interesting plan that could go two ways. Backfire terribly, or actually work.
The setting feels a bit restricted though. It needs to be a bit bigger.
It's kinda strange... I don't like horror games, movies or books, but a horror RP seems like way too much fun... why?...
We could tie it into canon, after one of the worlds the Zerg successfully infest? In some sort of cityscape? Of course the Changeling isn't invulnerable.

This reminds me, I have made sufficient alterations to my beloved representative during my 'exile'.

- He now has a name. Anderung, or Andy, for short. A german word meaning 'To Change'. Fits.
- He is unable to legitimately Shapeshift. No Ultralisks, animals, only humanoid creatures. I technically consider Zerglings somewhat the exception to this, but how many times do changelings turn into zerglings. :/
-> To expand on this, he does however have complete control over his features and other things, although he must always contain the same mass. This means that to change his body he will have to expend energy, which he would gain from eating anything.
- He is officially bipedal, and has a tail, he is effectively an Anthropomorphic Changeling.
- He retains the vertical-slit mouth, and the mandibles, though he looks significantly more human.
- His tail acts as a syringe, injecting whatever chemical he can cook up inside himself into his poor victim.
-> Instead of a digestive tract he has chemical-producing organs that are highly adaptable, and are easily reprogrammed to produce most known chemicals, although this too requires the transformation of mass inside him.
- He has high regenerative powers, but as of such he is fragile. A good blow to his arm could very well break it, but it could heal in a good few minutes, if her were to set it.
- Per lore, any bone in his body has the ability to sharpen and turn into a blade, which presumably would just out of his body, like Wolverine from the X-men except... every bone you can think of.
- He is psionic, but in the sense that he is a strong telepath, no moving crap.
Feels like The Thing. I like. Night
I do believe that's all things I've seen happen in the Asylum...
Wouldn't doubt it ^^
10:08:20 PM <Dacder> Things like the setting can be changed, of course. Also, it could...spread. And yes, it will be a horror RP with no aspects of Demon-Hunting in any sense of the phrase.
I have big plans for a RP in the making, but don't really intend to use this idea for some time.


The Last War.

An epic-scale RP taking place during the final cataclysmic interdimensional war predicted by the Brotherhood. Brave warriors from all the worlds will be forced to unite to save their universes from destruction, and prevent Evil from penetrating the Fourth Wall and harnessing the incredible power of the beings known as Authors.

And I have two companions and a sequel planned for Reaper:


As a Protoss warrior, you must carry out the plans of a mysterious Praetor, and ultimately choose between duty and honor.


You are Kerrigan's prize, an intelligent Zerg strain capable of guiding its own evolution. The strange creature known as Izsha promises to help you, but may have her own designs. In the end, will you seek your own evolution or choose the greater 'good' of the Swarm?


Epic conclusion to the Reaper series. Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg seeking the truth must defeat a greater evil than they imagined.

And what do you mean by tobacco-guzzling, Smylez? I wouldn't touch that stuff! It's terrible for your lungs, Zerg or not! I am very health conscious.

*munches deepfried pudding while drinking Prismatic Void*

Also, my brother GnarledOne is not a Roach, nor am I by birth. I was placed in this body by the 'charitable' Thundercrash after vaporizing my human form with too many Prismatic Voids.

"Because a pipe smoking, acid drooling roach who can barely walk without shifting its gargantuan weight back and forth like a see-saw is a sight to behold in the Doctor's mind."

Your ideas sound very promising KO and I do like reading Reaper. The Last War is just going to be plot armor vs plot armor to be honest although some people may find joy in that.
I realize the Last War would probably be an OP post war, but it might be entertaining just the same. Also, it has a way to undermine plot armor... in that the Evil disrupts plots. For example, Anakin could easily be killed long before becoming Darth Vader because the breaking of the walls between plots disrupts them.
I am a guardian of plots, and Darth Vader...WILL DIE!
What's to stop the Reapers from killing everyone?
You and your robot of oddness.
I had a few ideas rolling around that I wanted to try out, I'll post them out here so people can see what I have planned. For now, none of this will come around till we get some RPs down.

1) Hunt for the Snowbound Relic revival. Although it was abandoned within the first few pages, I am assured that a restart attempt should work. WIP

2) A large city in the outskirts of Dominion territory goes silent, and Dominion Command sends a team to investigate. Along with this, a Protoss force goes to investigate as they realize that the HEV set up there has been modified mysteriously. WIP

3) A Lost Planet 2 Crossover in which several teams must stop a unknown faction from waking a creature, which would kill the planet by bringing up a massive amount of magma from the planet's core, which would also bring forth very valuable resources. This planet is also home to a significant presence of people (The RPers + their faction) who fight to keep to keep the creature from waking.

Reposting, cause I really didn't get any opinions.

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