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You have my opinion on Hunt. The second seems similar to Outbreak, but unique all the same and the third...that wasn't quite Lost Planet 2, but I'll roll with it.
Reapers are actually pretty pathetic, especially when you consider the fact that magic exists in many universes.

Interdimensional armies use a combination of their favorite technologies and spells, so while Reapers could become slaves to an interdimensional force, they would pose little threat to one unless in the service of another.
Warhammer 40,000k



I'm sorry... one magician, all warhammer ppl die.

Thread continues.

Victory will require you to adapt and utilize that which is found in all universes.
Yes, 40,000k. I see the future.
The Breach:
As the nearest patrol ship consisting of some # members, you have responded to a distress signal from a Dominion facility. Relaying this info to Command, they expects to send in reinforcements within the next 9 hours. In the meantime, you will investigate the facility and discover what has happened to its inhabitants and secure it.
Kshot it all.


Kshot is built to kill anyone and anything in the multiverse.
zarkun, what happened in LP2 was NEVEC was trying to wake the creature then kill it for a massive amount of thermal energy, as the creature would drain the planet to the core, but the NEVEC TF:FD killed it before it woke, and ect. All the factions worked together at one point, but I digress.
I am not familiar with the concept of Kshor, but it doesn't matter. Somewhere within the infinite multiverse someone has figured out a way to counter something. This holds true for everything, and thus every weapon has a defense, whether through magic, technology, something weirder, or a combination thereof. And if "Kshot" is as powerful as you say, all major factions would have ensured that they have a defense against it.
Haha, but it's a unique idea only seen in one universe at this time.
Haha, but give me the universe or who cares.
Currently the hero's and their powers are still under construction. As is the general idea. The Kshot is the only finished project.
In other words, you needed a weapon to counter interdimensionals so you randomly made something up. It matters not. Magic/technology/wierder stuff combined has infinite possibilities.
Actually, it evolved from a way to kill a, and this is a direct quote, "Vampiric, zombified, werewolf, several other monsters, Super Man." From there, it got better.
Hmm... unpleasant sounding creature.
I know how to block Kshot...

*I have my Blue Mana.... 40 Islands. Tapping them all I played a Counter Spell with "X" Colorless Mana*


Counter target noncreature spell.

Autumn's Veil.

Really can't remember the cost.

Counter target red or blue spell.
This...doesn't fall under a spell category.
Any card you use on MTG is a spell card. If Kshot was in MTG..... It's a spell.
Spell refers to anything from a sword to a fireball to a party favor in this context.

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