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That's the thing with all RPs, Warhawk.

I don't think of them as Roleplays anymore.
These are Collaborative Stories, contributed to by everyone partaking in them. We are all authors as we write our works, share laughs, think with each other, and in the end, we make something great.

So true.

I personally call it Improvised Group Storytelling.
Whoops. My bad. I meant to edit it in... oh well...
It's fine. I was just kidding.
Oh dear, I guess that makes me the First Guardian?
Doc Raynor?
No... HomeStuck will not be mixed with StarCraft...
Fine. *Le Eyeroll*

I call being a Theif of Mind or the Rogue of Doom FEAR MY WRATH!
I shall be...Incontinentia Butticus.
*wags finger @Zarkun*

"Don't make fun of HomeStuck. It does that well enough on it's own." not a HomeStuck joke, in any way shape or form. Here's another hint.

THAT'S IT, THAT'S IT, I want him fighting wild, rabid animals with in the week!
I think that Someone could take a try at redoing Feral: The Need to Survive and Lost which were both very good ideas. Anyways just search em up and you can get the general idea ad do a Redux or do something similar.

Dude hopping into the Transformers Universe would be an awesome RP *hums The Touch*

Sorry but that reference went right over my head...
I'm unsure of which, but I believe I just quoted Monty Python twice.
Ah. I'm not well versed in the evil hilarities of Monty Python, aside from the holy grail, that is.
Ah, Monty Python and the Holy Grail... the Holy Grail of sick comedy.
...Does it involve a turnip?
We are the Knights that say NI!
"Come back here! I'll bite off your ankles!!!!"


Hem. Me thinks we aught to get back to the topic of this thread.
You'll still fight?

Ah, tis but a flesh wound.

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