Do archons splash both air and ground?

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I lost a very long game yesterday in which the terran turtled SUPER hard and eventually got to battlecruiser/thor with 50+ scvs repairing (he had at least 15 OC's to just mine using mules). I got a vortex off and put archons in but I couldn't tell if they were hitting any scvs. So pretty much if archons attack BC's, does the splash hit the scvs below? This was a serious pain to deal with, even with feedback and focus firing, as the repairs thors seemed to wreck anything that beat the bc's.
storm will do u a huge favor, as it will damage the BC's, and kill every single SCV under them that are trying to repair.

Honest not sure if archons splash hits both air and ground at the same time, but either way... archon splash damage is a very small radius. Meaning even if it does, it probably wouldnt have a large enough radius to hit more than 1 ground unit, maybe 2.

storming the scvs repairing will kill them all, and allow you to then feedback + focus fire / archon toilet the bc's much more effectively.
It does: there was a TL post showing that targeting down medivacs with archons provides a significant combat advantage if the medivacs are hovering over groups of bio because then you get the full splash circle of coverage rather than the half circles you'd get if they auto-targeted the marines in front.
Yup. And did you know that you can kill enemy observers or banshees by attacking your own unit directly under their unit?
Yep, hitting a Ground unit with an Archon will deal splash to Air units directly above and vice-versa. That's why Protoss players like to target-fire Medivacs with Archons in huge battles. The Medivacs are usually under ground units and will spread splash damage to those units.
Okay thanks guy, looking back storm probably would have easily won it for me but in the heat of battle I guess I wasn't thinking all that straight. It's frustrating to lose to mass command center :p

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