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"Good answer."

BTW.... did/does HBRB actually stand for anything or was it just because?
Ah.... so... HowBabysRBrn was account#1, HBRB was #2 and SB is the third?
01/14/2013 04:27 PMPosted by Warhawk
Ah.... so... HowBabysRBrn was account#1, HBRB was #2 and SB is the third?
No... HBRB was the Acryonm for HowBabysRBrn.
Um... Now I'm confused.

BTW CR, are you going to stay in This is Their Story?
Koro's restarting it, as it's gotten away from the whole hardcore survival type RP.
Probably stay in it. And we call HBRB, HBRB because it's shorter than HowBabysRBrn.
Makes sense, but then who was the person with the account named HBRB?

All we know was it was hacked, that's all we know.

Glad to hear it, if you want to make any changes to your character in TTS then post them in the SignUp/Discussion page, as Koro is accepting changes.
Hello Warhawk. I can clarify anything if you need me to.
I believe my account (Which my brother played SCII on) was hacked because he would often troll people on Cortex Roleplay... so that is most likely the reason why I was in my self-entitled Exile for over 6 months, until Christmas came along and my brother received SCII again, and got a new account, which I influenced the naming of. C:
Always a craft one, eh?
*Pulling my Fedora up before putting it down*
Alright, I kinda figured that something like that happened from the bits and pieces of the story that I'd picked up. Thanks.
I sip my drink, oddly dark red, and chuckle. "That...was interesting to see explained."
So anyway, @Jester: What is this realm you keep referring to? I only have my labs, fleets, and multiple trade monopolies across several universes/timelines/dimensions. You can steal from my labs though... not that there is anything worthwhile (except maybe for a few thousand bits of "respawn" tech from the "end" of time)... I have been here in the bar for quite a while you know.
"No. You just recently came. Now, I may do the same to you as I did to Mecha." I slap xer to an alternate dimension in which he is torn apart then sent back perfectly intact, but still feels the pain.
Im going to be gone for a bit, dont know how long just know i wont be around for a bit for a while.

I will be on during the day on weekdays though. If I charge my school computer...
This is for those of you who have the bar set as a favorite/bookmark in your toolbar and never look at the main page.

I give you...

That is epic. Too bad I won't get to see it for for freaking evah!
I saw them already. Pretty cool.
01/15/2013 01:46 PMPosted by KnarledOne
I saw them already. Pretty cool.
I have to say... I don't like the Ghost Dance at all.

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