Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 18)

Joeyray's Bar
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I grin, sipping my Blue Rum. "Google may not know what a smart crowbar is, but it knows it's my birthday."
"Whats this... 'Smart Crowbar', you speak of?"
"It basically finds the best place to pry something open. And it also is a Half-Life reference I believe."
*Epic Face!!!!!*
I just preordered my copy of the collector's edition!!!


Your birthday?


*vodkalings explode*

My JoeyBday is coming up in a few weeks... I happened to notice while doing the "first post" thing.
The door opens, and a man in a large trench coat enters the bar. He moves with deliberate steps, each one thumping heavily against the floor. He walks up to the bar, glancing at the selection of drinks, then walks behind the bar and types in a code on a locked cabinet. The cabinet opens, and the man takes out a large container. He opens it, and pours a glowing green liquid into a glance. The liquid sizzles and bubbles menacingly as the man sits down in an easy chair, surveying the bar. His eyes are obscured by his reflective black shades, and his scarred face twists into a grin. Raising his glass to the few bar patrons who were watching him, he downs the mysterious drink in a single, smooth gulp. Releasing a suppressed burp, he crosses his legs and relaxes back into the chair.
And thus he returns.

Welcome back, Thunder. Staying long?
I nod to Thunder. "Glad to have you with us again."
HOORAY!! Thunder is back!

01/17/2013 03:09 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Staying long?
Sadly, no. I'll be hanging around here for maybe an hour, because I've got stuff to do today, then I'm heading back home. But it's looking like I'll be in the city tomorrow, so I'll be back very soon.
"Thunder, your drinks are on me...even though we don't pay for um. And my birthday ain't for another 6 months..."

Dac, I own this place. I never pay for drinks here.
"As I said, your free drinks are on me..."
Later folks, it was fun seeing what you've done with the place.

Caps the container and slips it into my trenchcoat

And I'll be taking this with me. It wouldn't be good if anyone else tried it.
I look at him. "What exactly is 'it'?"

Well if I told you that, it wouldn't be any fun, would it?
"Wait, wait, wait!" I call, running from my stool and tripping a bunch before reaching TC.

"Can I have your autograph first?" I ask, handing him a picture of him and a pen.
I drop a rabid experimental Cyclops that starts to attempt to murder Thunder.
"What a way to greet someone, SF." I say, unstrapping my pulse rifle and blowing the cyclops in two. I then aim at the upper half and fire near one hundred rounds into it until it's nothing but burning ash.

"Anyways, how 'bout that autograph?"

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