Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 18)

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I proceed to shoot Nukester in the face three or four times. "That's what I think of shining your shoes."
I shake my head. "Sure, if getting shot at, eaten and other things is beautiful."
I kick away a rabid SF and shoot him in the head, shifting seats. "Not likely. We've learned not to touch the Ace Suicide."
"Do you blame them? Especially considering most of the guys here have elite forces at their command. I know I do."
"If you weren't counting on an air strike than you most certainly won't be counting on-" A Nydus Worm erupts from the ground and spews acid on Nukester's face before eating him. "That..."
"Damn it, zarkun, stop stealing my genetically-engineered Nydus Worms."
"I just knew it was coming, I didn't steal it!"
"Well, he's out for a little bit at least."
"Yeah, next time, ask if you want to use a Nydus Worm. I hate it when those things get killed for harassing the local population."
I sigh in frustration. "I just said I didn't take it. I just knew it was coming. Someone else stole it."

Infested look better than these poor guys.
"Yeah.....The minion of yours I found and infested said that you hired him." I say, not smiling.
"Not my minion. I don't steal your worms. Why bother when I have my own worms?"
"Cause you be jealy, bro."

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