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You would be wrong Mecha. And for the love of Gaia, you can talk to him on DA, stop posting that in here.
It sounds intesting from what I got about Dacders custom
grumble grumble
Just an attention grab here :)


Darkest Heart continued by KnarledOne and myself, who wanted to do more with our characters.

This is more of a strory than a RP now, but we will be updating this semi-regularly.
You better not twist the storyline you...
We very well might. Get over it :)
And DA is not working again.
Wonder why. Was working just fine not three minutes ago.
My RP is finished, for anyone wanting to join...
"Rawr." I slowly chew on some sort of meat, that appeared to have a spinal cord going through it, but it was most definitely not humanoid.
*I throw meat into SF's face*

You like Karagren Meat? Eat it fast... It stains clothes.
I drop kick xer into the wall across the street after shoving a Psionic Cooler down his throat. "Happy Tuesday!"
01/22/2013 08:38 AMPosted by Zanon
We very well might. Get over it :)

Heh. Well Zarkun, at least I pretended we might not. Do I get a cookie?
No cookies. For anyone. I'm out. You could have at least ask where I was going to go with it.

Where were you going with it?

I don't has any cookies. I is out. And I honestly can't remember. I know that by the time the big fight was coming up, everything would be straightened out and hopefully we'd have dealt with the vampire.
I am currently writing, Separatist Space (tKoP renamed) Devroy Manufacturing (Completely redone) and Counted Blessings, a starcraft based short story.

I want to possibly write Sean Trope's story... Or make another starcraft based short story, what should I do?

Also, Popsicles are greatly appreciated.
Do Sean's. Can't hurt.
I wrote a sucky version and nobody read it, like... at all. I feel I am a good enough writer now to do pull it off.

I figured out why people have a hard time attaching to my characters!! So excited to try and make some lovable characters :)
Part of it is that they're your characters. But that's sorta Herp Derp, so ignore that. The other part is that you try to rush things.

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