Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 18)

Joeyray's Bar
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Yeah, the problem is I feel like nobody wants to read random !#@$, they want action, so I try to give it to them. I have gotten over that I think.

what I was going to say was my characters don't feel alive. Reading back through some old short stories and stuff I realize my characters just don't seem real... At all. There is no other way to put that, they just seem plastic. Adding emotions, realism, history, etc. Definitely gives the character more life, thus making him or her more lovable.
I don't think lovable is the right word...I think believable is the word. Mine come across because I try to make it hard for them to be believable. I've yet to succeed.
Tis called characterization.

At least you have it easy writing human stories. Try your hand at Zerg or Protoss stories. Much harder in my opinion.
I have thought about writing a protoss story, but never a Zerg story. Not only would it be near impossible, but I feel it just wouldn't be enjoyable to read or write. I had a good protoss story come to me once, but its... eh... Not as fun to write as some of my others.
I'll have a Psionic Cooler... WAIT NO I DIDN'T SAY THAT!!!!!!

I'll have 5 Psi-Storms....
*I pump all five Psi-Storms into his stomach, as a Psi-Typhoon began to rage inside his stomach.... You better run for the little boy Kabode*
I mix up a Psionic Cooler and hand it to xer. "How's this?" A High Templar then hits him with 5 Psi Storms. "Ouch..."
*I slip into the bar and find my usual seat.* Good to be back. I'll start with a Zeartul.
It appears on Kroger's table. "Can someone explain why the Bartender has never been seen mixing it, but it always appears?"
Void energies. The whole details you'll have to ask Zanon. Oh this is his by they way. *Sets a glass on the counter. It has a lid on top of it.*
I slide away from the glass, something ominous about it. "What exactly happened with it..."
You'll have to ask Zanon. All I know is that he disappeared instead of the glass. *I sip on the drink.*
"Interesting..." I sip my own drink, a dark red color, and take my seat by the door, watching for unfriendly beings. "Glad to have you back by the way."
Glad to be back. *I finish my drink and watch the glass disappear.*
"You gonna join some of the RPs that are goin?"
Dunno yet.
I nod, taking another sip of my drink. "Fair enough. Sorry about HB, my Co-DMs aren't doing their job."
Well I could always post something that makes the need to post.
"War asked about the hallway and I've asked one of them to do it, but neither will."
I noticed, I think I shall take the initiative now.

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