Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 18)

Joeyray's Bar
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The lidded glass flies across the room and lands neatly inside a cabinet. As if that were not odd enough, the cabinet slams closed with a thump.

Digger peeks his head around the corner and glaces around, more than a little curios at the sudden, non explosive noise.
That twas odd..... Hello Digger. *pets the roach*
Kroger can post again.
Aye I can. Just got it fixed today.
I notice the Roach and remember the fly incident. "You better not attract any flies, or smylez will send you back to Mars."
I quietly start whispering into random man's ear before walking into the bathroom.
*Glances at SF* I don't even want to know.
*A Bard's Music rang through the Tavern... Wait... Tavern? A Paradox fills the halls of this Bar and turns it into a Tavern... What's going on?*
I stomp my foot and it returns to the bar. "None of that now."
D&D here we go.....
As I come out the man walks over to Digger and punts him all the way to Korhal IV.
I sigh. "SF, Zanon's gonna have your hide for newspaper."
I'll start the presses.
01/25/2013 12:56 PMPosted by LeKroger
I'll start the presses.
Hmm... Should we use his blood as ink?
Yes, CR you are now my star reporter since we need something to print for this newspaper. I'll start draining his blood for the ink.
Hmmmm.... SF Newspaper..... What's the headline?
Man punts local bar roach to Korhal IV only to be skinned alive by the owner of fore mentioned roach. More on page A3.
"I didn't punt Digger. I made a person think it was a good idea to punt Digger."
Nice headline.... Any other articles?
You would have to ask my reporter CR. He is my story/article supplier.

Side note need to hire another reporter.

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