Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 18)

Joeyray's Bar
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"If you took a bonk on the head, then another should cure it. Oh, and who was that lady you were talking about last night?"
Hey Nukester . When are you going to pay for that gun and explosives? You never paid so I never gave,
"I've been trying to remember when I was resting in my clinic. Her face is a blur but I feel that she's important. Might just be the amnesia that's messing with my head though."
"Not if it's a more recent memory. I don't think that it's that bad..."
I'm sorry, wtf just happened
I rest a hand on Koro's shoulder and lead him to my table. "Everyday bar violence."
"I use Galactic Credits... And I need 5000 of em. That's all I ask."
I hand Koro 5000 credits. "I'll cover his tab."
"You're a good man. Back to the shop I go. And you're deliver should be arriving soon."
I nod. "Thanks Koro."
I punt Nukester to the moon. "You'll be fine, ya wimp."
You need to hit smylez even harder.
I sigh and wave him away. "It's all free of charge. Go rest."

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