Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 18)

Joeyray's Bar
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01/11/2013 03:33 PMPosted by Zarkun
I shrug. "Reality is a b!tch. Welcome back."

*Hands everyone their bar tab*

"This is a reality check brought to you by Thundercrash Enterprises. If the receiving of this object depresses you, feel free to drown your sorrows. I'll add it to your tab."
I shake my head and sip my Blue Rum. "Bloody head cases." Looking at my tab, I laugh. "I've payed for the drinks you've made me and made the rest from my personal stores. I win."
I pull out a bag of crystals these will more than cover my tab ... I think.
I grab a brick about 5x5x5 meters of a mysterious glowing metal and I leave it for Zanon. "That should cover everything since I first came here and all the Mind Shredder I stole."
I look at my bar tab, having already expected, and I put cash on the bar along with my tab.
A video screen with my face on it lowers down. "What am I missing? Anyone faint from their tab yet?"
"No Zarkun not yet." I take my usual seat and order a 'Little bit of everything' with a hydra spine umbrella and some pylon shards.
"Really? Well, I expect War's will catch him off guard."
"Perhaps" I say sipping my drink. "Oh zarkun can I get some Flamethrower wings delivered here please?"
I sigh. "That...will be a little trickier than it sounds. You see, I'm on my way to a mining operation in another dimension."
"Ah well ... I'll just go order it from your assistants in the pizzeria and get it delivered here ... or well one of my illusions will."
"Taedaris should still be there. He's my newest character so he's taking every shift."
"Heh ok." One of my illusions appears and walks off towards the pizzeria.
I can be seen lounging back in my chair. "Wonder what Koro's is. He's here so rarely."
Taedaris walks in and sets Morphs wings down, leaving. "See, told you it be fast."
So... I'm the only one who ever pays for things..?
*Although I am fairly certain I owe no debts to Zanon, I place several baby Crystalisks on the bar, and grin.*
These little guys grow gold Minerals from their bodies, and the mining of the mineral is essentially painless and oddly, a pleasurable experience for the creatures... as they mine it themselves during... mating season, per say. The minerals, as you know, are practically universal wealth, and as long as they are fed and cared for, my entire tab is payed infinitely.
"Jesus Christ.....Mark, for the love of god, I need to advance my skills before we attempt something like that again."
Zanon nods and sweeps everything under the counter into a box. He lifts it and walks down the hallway and enters the fourth door on the left.

Zanon exits from the first door on the right, caring a broom which he uses to begin sweeping the hallway clear of debris from the last several holes made in the walls and ceiling. He reaches about halfway through the hall when Zanon exits from the fourth door on the left.

The two stare at each other for a moment then both begin speaking at the same time.
"Discord, I thought we had rules about non-emergencies."
01/11/2013 11:15 PMPosted by Jester
"Jesus Christ.....Mark, for the love of god, I need to advance my skills before we attempt something like that again."

"Sorry, I guess I didn't realize you weren't my level. Everyone say's they're a noob. Most people consider me a noob!" I say, looking around the bar.

"Anyone else? I'm looking for a challenge."
"Would it be illegal for me to copy all the data on a game disc into a USB drive of some kind on another computer then download the files and play the game using the USB instead of the disc? The reason I ask is because my laptop's DVD drive doesn't work anymore, so I can't play one of my favorite games. I may be (perhaps since it is a new season I am no league...) gold league, but I suck at the game."

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