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Yes but your zerg are unethically treated and mine are well groomed and are supposed to be pets, not slaves.
01/13/2013 07:06 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Because Hybrids are genetically superior in this universe?

Yes we are :>
01/13/2013 07:52 AMPosted by smylez
Fantasy's new alias is Heaven.

He changed to that like a month ago...
If by unethically you mean with love and care then trained extensively. Then yes I do treat them unethically.
But you said warbeast so after that they will be treated like slaves since it is a warbeast shop. I check on the new owner constantly until I am assured that they are nice
I shoot Mecha in the foot, making him dance. "I'm not on the Medivac portrait, the site will glitch like that. And Warbeasts are treated quite well. They have to be. Know your war history before stepping into the room with a War History buff."
But Warbeasts eventually get shot at and thats not nice at all. And damnit I thought you wernet gonna be the sterotypical token black guy.
Has anyone seen half of an artifact/thing fall through the roof lately? I seem to be missing it....
I grab Mecha by the throat, wearing the black and red armor from before, and lift him up, drawing one of my katanas. "You seem to no longer require your tongue." I proceed to cut it out slowly, making him scream as I do so, then I force him to drink pure lemon juice, increasing the amount of pain he feels by thirty fold.
01/13/2013 08:44 AMPosted by Owlfeathers
Fantasy's new alias is Heaven.

He changed to that like a month ago...

Was I the only one who made this discovery today?
"You are paranoid Mecha." I shake my head and go back to [Data Corrupted]
01/13/2013 09:20 AMPosted by smylez

He changed to that like a month ago...

Was I the only one who made this discovery today?
Yep, me and Knarled found out before all of y'all.
So no one has found my artifact.... gimme a sec I gotta go beat the !@#$ out of Narud/Duran.
Throwing Mecha aside, I flash step in front of xer. "You'll not blame a man who has had no hand in the theft of your artifact, no matter how despicable he is. A person named Iota stole it."
Um... No Duran actually stole my other complete artifact so.....
I laugh, blood lust coming through in it as I seize him by the throat and slit his throat, licking the blood from my blade and then filling a wine glass with it. "And you said you had impervious defenses." Throwing his body aside, I sip the blood. "This is still not enough."
"Sorry to say Xer, but I stole all the Artifacts in your realm. And don't claim any sort of defense systems, immunities, or it being unable to enter, for I am immune to bull!@#$ery. Then again, Aurora is anti-bull%^-*, but that's besides the point." I take a drink of Vodka I brought myself, some of the strongest I could get a hold of.
@CR How did you come across that message? Perhaps you found my artifact....
Besides, my realm isn't in existence.... for now.
xer as Jester said 'I am immune to bullsh!tery' and CR got that from [Data Corrupted]

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