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01/16/2013 01:29 PMPosted by Random
Too bad Matt Uelmen isn't on that list either.
I love the direction that the zerg is going with music. There is one song that plays every now and then in game that just pumps me up. It has a really good drum beat, the only thing is... it is only like 10 seconds long and then it stops... =( makes me sad.
Yes, Heart of the Swarm does indeed have a lot of new music, and beta has a limited number of the new tracks.

As you might imagine, this time around, the new music is focused on the Zerg and the Heart of the Swarm campaign. In Heart of the Swarm, we have almost completely new music across the entire single player campaign -- way more new music than any of our previous RTS expansions.

There are also plenty of new tracks in multiplayer, which is going to make the overall experience more diverse and varied. The cinematics feature all new tracks, recorded with a large, live orchestra, and much of the music features additional electronic and experimental instrumentation.

Here's an awesome tidbit you may not have heard anywhere else yet: [url=""]Legendary guitarist David Torn[/url] worked on the Heart of the Swarm soundtrack, adding burning leads and strange textures to the Zerg palette on several tracks.

I would be nice if we had checkbox for music of each race, for example i would like to listen to the zerg soundtrack even if i play protoss. So one checkbox for each race, you can have one two tree or none
This is wonderful news! Thanks for the Blue posts. Although, you've officially gotten my hopes up. :)

By "plenty" of new tracks in multiplayer, is it fair to assume each race gets at least 2 new tracks? I would be happier than a pig in mud.

I recently re-played WoL campaign and the music and cues are quite different from what you hear in MP. With all the talent going into the HotS soundtrack, this will be great.
Told Blizzard to stop with the over-orchestration of StarCraft during Wings of Liberty. Glad to see that feedback went in one ear and out the other. I'll reserve judgement for when I play, but based on these blue posts, I'm expecting disappointment. Wings of Liberty did not live up to the original and there's no reason to think Heart of the Swarm will even approach it. StarCraft should sound like StarCraft, not Warcraft. Put the orchestra away.
Can you make sure they don't cut a track short this time?
the WoL cut off the solo guitar segment of the title song WAY TOO EARLY. eliminated the best part

But I prefer the team of Neal Acree, Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes, and Glenn Stafford!

Too bad Matt Uelmen isn't on that list either.

yeah :'(
Thanks for introducing me to David Torn, Blizz!
It would be awesome if the music changed when there is an engagement :D

The music getting more and more epic as there is more supply involved. I guess this would be hell for your programmers though :c
I love how Zerg doesn't really have music, we just have ambient noise in the background, definitely zergy
I got the soundtrack from the CE, and my favorite track is missing :(

It usually plays at the SC2 battlenet menu and the tune KINDA has the beat from the "Ascension" track.

I was very sad that it was not in the CD.
Nice necrobump but seeing as your problem isn't really related to this thread you should've made a new thread.
Sorry, I wasnt sure. I will start a new threat then.
Sorry, I wasnt sure. I will start a new threat then.

I don't really mind but your point is only loosely related and some people get all upset about these things.

Edit: Its perfectly fine to necrobump threads so long as they are still relevant (so non balance threads for starters) and what you have to say goes along with it but in this case creating a different thread is better. (Also on a side note I like how you checked the forums before posting so cudos to that :D.)
Should have gotten Hans Zimmer.
Russell bower and crew are a lot better. The soundtracks for WoW are amazing all thanks to mr. Bower
Aside from the "Whispering from the Stars" track, a lot of the Protoss music is just underwhelming and not exciting once again.
Does anyone know if the that certian track could be extracted or if it will be avalibable on itunes?
It usually plays on the menu or in the 1st and 2nd missions of HOTS campaign.

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