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.... oh god ... *activates a plot hole which removes the zerg until a better time preferably FAR ahead in the RP.*
OOC: "More preferably when Blaze gains his Pyrokinesis."

Blaze continues down the hall, following the memory.
I don't really care about then when ... just so long as they are not around NOW. I turn to THG. "Please do not bring anymore zerg in for a while or I will be forced to plot hole them away again until it won't kill the RP."
Okay . . .
Okay, i will flick the switch on the emitter later.
but it will happen.
"uuhh ship security man can you just give the 3 of us one second.... thanks" i say before closing the door on em. "ok first of all girl in bed welcome back you might want to put something on. and does anyone here have a ship ID or else we're all !@#$ed"
I push the door open and step in. "Look merc, watch yourself or I'll toss you back into the flooded parts to find the pumps yourself."
OOC: Zark how do you know i'm a mercenary? i have amnesia

IC: "uuhhh sorry our injured guest is still under momentary shock so we don't want to have her freak out seeing a man with a rifle walk in. just give us a little time to calm her down and we can talk"
I don't have amnesia. You might, but I don't. As a security officer, I have access to crew lists to check IDs.

IC: "Your friend needn't concern herself if one of you would just answer the bloody question. Are any of you life support officers?"
IC: "no.... we have Scott" i say pointing to the guy cowering in a corner "Devyus" i say pointing beside me "and our patient. so she's woken up now can we please just have some personal space"
"Until I find the rest of you on the list, Mister Dante, no, you can't." I bring it up on my HUD and use their faces to find them.
Bryant stepped in between the two as no one had answered him. "I have an idea... Why don't you two take this outside of this med-bay. Reason being is the fact remains that I'm going to need to help the others treat anyone who was injured or is in dire need of medical care... Unless you would like to help?"

Laura was ignoring this man... Rambo, Scott called him that... It was all coming back now, she was a graduate student. Clothes........... Something she doesn't need at this moment, recovery is a more subtle solution.
IC: after scanning all our faces i say impatiently "ok you've checked all of us out now can you please just leave us alone"
I look at Bryant. "You don't have that kind of power. You're all to report to the bridge anyways once I've confirmed you belong on the ship. Four of you belong on the ship, and the other, the guy with the tattoos, isn't on the roster." I point at Dante, Bryant, and Laura. "You three report to the bridge and see where the Captain needs you. Scott accompanies me to activate the pumps to start clearing out the water."
IC: "the girl! are you mad? she's barley conscious! just screw off for now will ya? we'll be there when we get things sorted out". i close the door mechanism and lock it. i proceed to sit beside the bed. "so i know this might all be a little confusing at the moment but try and eat something. regain some energy" i say as i hand her the bag of crackers
Bryant shook his head. "I shall not do that, I belong down here with the patients... We are understaffed at this moment and from what I've been hearing about from these guys... That girl is in no hurry. She needs rest, for what you want her to do could make matters worse," said Bryant as he did a hefty sigh. "Let me do my job, and let you do your job."

Bryant was pointing his finger at Dante. "And you! Let me do my job and do as the man says, if what he says is true and that you are a merc... You can get out of this med-bay before you make matters worse. Let her rest and get the !@#$ out."
"I'm not saying those who are injured in any way have to go now, nor do you if you need to treat her, but Dante goes, or I'm putting a bullet in his @ss as inspiration to walk."

OOC: I'm in the room Darkra. You can't push me out either or the amnesiac merc will receive a head to wall treatment.
OOC: ok i'm confused who's with you right now cause i don't remember Bryant being here
Morph is the only one who came with me and we're both in the room. Bryant came with you. Or woke up there. I haven't figured out which yet.
no last time i checked it was Mark, me, KO, and CR's injured char
01/19/2013 08:03 AMPosted by darkra
OOC: ok i'm confused who's with you right now cause i don't remember Bryant being here
He was well in the Med-Bay before either of them. And you can't just throw him out of a nicely sized room.

IC: Bryant gave a stern nod. "That sounds like a swell idea... Now get this soldier out of this facility before I will be resorted into knocking him out for a good half-hour."

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