Out of the Frying Pan...

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IC: i look at Bryant "ok you just woke up so don't be cutting into this conversation. and ya ya we'll go down when we're ready" i tell the guard

OOC: i want to wait until mark or KO is on before we head down
"I've heard enough about it though... You don't have any medical experience and you could make matters worse, and if she's barely conscious then how would she eat?! Think before I sedate you for Mister....?" Bryant asked.
You're really the only one going right away. KO isn't on the crew list so I'll have security escort him. But I do have to wait on Mark...

IC: "Then you go. Now." I wasn't gonna put up with the guy's crap. He was already a hot head, though, from how he was acting now, he could have amnesia. I then nod to Bryant. "Torvus."
"then Dyus(forgot how to spell it) gets to stay here. i'm not leaving her untended and it seems he has some medical experience." i say
Bryant shook his head. "No, you shall not get to stay here and watch her. As leading medical officer on deck as of now... I order you to follow Mister Torvus since you could be a danger to any of the patients here."

Laura's head rose a little, trying to listen on but parts of it had been fuzzy.
OOC: i meant let KO stay CR XD
Te he he he.... To late. XD
I shake my head. "He just needs to go up one level and down the hall to his right to reach the bridge. I have to go lower down."
"then what do we do with the girl. we can't just leave her here alone"
"The Captain will understand Bryant staying until she's alright. He doesn't want sick or wounded people trying to work anyways."
darkra you are very much NOT paying attention as CR's other char, Actum, Torvus, Scott, and tattoo face would still be there with Laura I'll get an IC up soonish when I get on my actual computer
IC: "good." i say before walking over to Scott. "when i'm gone don't go bonking people over the head with crates ok?" i joke before following the head of security
"And I'm sorry that I wont be able to fulfill your wish since I'm a trained medical officer who is supposed to make things better.... Not worse." Bryant sighed as he shook his head. "That guys a dumb !@#."
IC: i grab Bryant by his collar and slam him against the wall. "i don't think threatening me is a good idea bub. let me just remind you that i just met you and your first impressions are sketchy at best. so i suggest you get the !@#$ outta my way"
I step between the two, slamming the Merc's face into the wall. "Look buddy, assaulting one of our medical personnel is not something I'd advise buddy. Now turn and leave the room and report to the bridge. I've got to retrieve my other weapons and then get the pumps turned on."
"I can't threaten you when I have never done such a thing. No get off of me and if I recall... You were the one that turned back to assault me. So if anything... You are in my way." Bryant would be able to handle this man... He behaved like some wild primitive that wasn't smart... Other natives were smarter than this man.
Blaze walks through the hallway, straying far from the other two. The memory leads him to a small armory. He looks through the rifles and chooses a semi-automatic rifle. He smiles and continues.
IC: i calmly wiped the blood off my face. taking a step for the door i turn around and punch my assailant in the face with my steel fist. "don't annoy me. remember guard that we're stranded. i choose to follow protocol." i threaten before walking out
I chuckle as his fist meets y face plate and I proceed to slam him into the ground, cuffing him. "Insubordination. Not a good idea in this situation. Now, I'll uncuff you when you understand that you A) don't get payed until we get off this rock, and B) Do not scare me in the least. We need to, for now, follow orders. If you can't do that, you'll get us killed and," I pull out my revolver and c0ck the hammer, "I'd be doing everyone a favor shooting you here and now."

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